Leaving Koh Phi Phi

Northbound... bye bye Thai islands it's been a blast!

Leaving Phi Phi and headed back to Phuket, we have a huge travel day... final destination tonight is Chiang Mai, I'm super excited about seeing up north for the first time as I have heard great things. Most travellers head down around the islands, however those who have ventured north to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai have amazing stories of hill top tribes and rafting... I'm intrigued.

One last look at the ocean before heading off. Last night we found a great little restaurant right on the beach (long beach), there was a good breeze which was a really nice change! After dinner we walked back along the beach, the sky was full of bright stars and on the horizon we could see many fishing boats with lights so bright it looked like a party in the distance. It was cool to be out of the city to where you can enjoy this.

Up early and walked to the ferry, it's a good idea to get there early as you can get a seat in the air con cabin. The water was extremely rough today, they started to hand out sick bags and that was our sign to head outside for fresh air. Picked up at the other end, it was great to have the transfer already built in and not have to barter with the swarm of taxi drivers.

Phuket airport is a busy spot, lots of happy holiday makers heading home... with tans, tattoos and excess baggage from all the shopping. With all that is going on there were still loads of tourist... this being low season is a good time to come if you want an extra cheap holiday, and for us the weather has been ok... rain in this afternoon but mostly clear.

Bangkok transfer, we had to wait 3 hours so we put our bags in storage (100THB per bag), this gave us the freedom to set out on our mission to find ice cream! It seems like all we have done this trip is eat as the food is so good...so why stop now. We have had the obligatory Pad Thai a few times but have been trying a few things, the food has been amazing.

Part of the travel experience is meeting others from around the globe, we stared a conversation with a couple who turned out to be from around the corner. Classic story, they eloped to Phuket to have a beach wedding on Friday 13th... followed by drinks and dinner at Hooters! They told of all the activities they had done around Phuket, the one they liked the most was a quad bike ride up to the big Buddha... one to add to the to do list for next time.

Oh, I nearly forgot... take 'bug stay' out to the island, the mosquitos are killer.

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