Koh Samui easy rider

Best way to start the day? With a swim in the ocean of course... mornings are the best there's no one around and it does help to get rid off last night's hangover... but that's another story!

Chaweng Beach is the longest and most famous in Koh Samui. There are heaps of restaurants and bars in Chaweng open 24 hours, and it has the best nightlife and shopping. Definitely the place to be.

You can buy just about anything here but without the hassle you get in Bangkok and Pattaya and the streets are super clean. Some of the stuff is more expensive than what you get in Bangkok but more like cents than dollars... we went for a quiet walk and ended up with several "must have" purchases.

The second largest beach is Lamai, a really nice beach and the nightlife is pretty good too but it's smaller than Chaweng. It's away from the hussle and bustle... and yes Lamai has its own street with shopping and bars.

There's a bunch of tours you can do like elephant trekking and a monkey show, sea kayaking tours, waterfalls, ATV and jungle tours, bungy and even shooting tours if that grabs you? and according to the truck with the loud speaker it has "real bullets" god help us! if you are looking for something more cultural go and check out The Big Buddha or any number of amazing landmarks around this island.

Without a doubt the best way to get around is to hire a scooter for the day. It will cost you 150 Baht plus a couple of bottles of fuel (40 Baht a bottle, you will need 2-3). The rules are simple, stick to the left, do as the locals do and dodge cabs, other bikes and dogs. A helmet is optional but recommended plus it's a bit of a fashion statement. It's so much fun and the traffic here is really not that bad at all. You save heaps and get to explore the Island at your own pace.

We set off... first we do the main loop around Chaweng for practice and we're off. Just as we get to the awesome look out on the top of the hill on the way to Lamai it starts sprinkling with rain. By the time we get to the bottom a massive downpour comes out of nowhere and we're drenched. Just a tip, although a light tropical clothing is recommended for the climate, it's not the best look if you're soaking wet. All in all even wet we had a ball, highly recommend getting on the mopeds and exploring at your own pace. Stop when you want to eat or find an amazing beach for a swim... take your time, there's no rush!

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