Elephant trekking & lobster

Ok, playing the total tourist today. We both have always wanted to ride an elephant... we saw the brochure and next thing I find myself up on top of a huge beautiful creature trekking through the river. We chose the elephant village, a heaven and home for old elephants. We bought a few bags of bananas and shared the love around (100THB per bag). The trek lasted 1 hour, a combination of rivers, grass lands and back roads... good, but one hour was well enough.


One of the next stops was to see how silk was made, really interesting and with the amount of work involved you can see why it's expensive. One thing that stuck out in my mind is that the butterfly has just 24 hours to live after coming out of the cocoon and then have sex all day... our driver explained it as "the best 24 hours a butterfly could wish for"!!

Back travelling today, so long Pattaya we are off to Koh Samui! We are flying with Bangkok Airways, a really great way to get around if you are not into ferries or don't have a lot of time... the flight is only an hour. Oh and leave yourself plenty of time, our driver got lost once and we needed every bit of that one hour to find the airport.

Can I just say we are blown away with the service of Bangkok Airways, complementary food and drinks in the departure lounge and then a meal in flight... don't worry about our baggage allowance they just put 2kg's on me with food :-).

Ahhhhh Samui, this place is heaven! A MUST DO for anyone!

We check into our hotel, the staff are amazing. We chose to stay right on the beach... Chaba Hotel is affordable and in a great location. Chaweng Beach is such a great spot, the place is clean, friendly and full of travellers. You can tell it's heading into low season, possibly one of the best times to come to get a good deal on everything!

Now let's talk lobster. While not on the backpacker budget usually, here is the chance to splurge. 170THB per pound you can get an amazing feed for 600THB... now that seems a lot when you are travelling but where else would you get lobster for that price I ask you! Wash it down with a cold beer and my friends you are in heaven!

Ok, so Thailand you are not disappointing... this trip keeps getting better and better! I am coming back to Koh Samui for sure... perfect beach holiday destination.

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