Wildlife in Wellington

Wellington is widely known for it's great cafes and culture but you can also experience some amazing natural scenery and awesome wildlife right here on our doorstep. There's certainly a lot of rare birds flying (and walking!!) around and if you're lucky you can sometimes spot dolphins or even orcas in the harbour.

don't feed the birds

On the rugged south coast of Wellington, a 30 to 40 minute coastal walk leads from Owhiro Bay to the Red Rocks, an area of national significance and Maori history. These rocks were apparently formed by a volcanic eruption under the sea millions of years ago but Maori folklore tells a tale of how Kupe was fishing and cut his hand and bled on the rocks. A further walk will lead you to encounter one of New Zealand's fur seal colonies. It's a good walk but it's definitely worth it and if you're lucky, you might spot a penguin or two at night.

For those bird lovers out there a journey on the Cook Strait Ferry is a great opportunity to see an amazing array of sea birds trying to compete for the catch of the day, some of which you won't see anywhere else in the world.

If that abundance of wildlife isn't enough for you animal lovers why not head to Wellington Zoo?! It may be small, but like most things in Wellington, it's perfectly formed.

wellington zoo monkeys

The self proclaimed 'Best Little Zoo in the World' has all the usual suspects, Apes, Tigers, Giraffes (who, much like their brothers in Sydney, manage to score the enclosure with the best view of the city), and the kids favourites, meerkats. There is also an opportunity to lay your eyes on the world famous one legged Kiwi bird. Awesome.

And last but not least, Visit Zealandia. Visit Zealandia is a wildlife park made up of an exhibition and the park itself. The exhibition is interactive and gives you the chance to learn about the wildlife and how we should protect it.

After experiencing the exhibition then spend some time in the beautiful park where you can spot some native wildlife. There are plenty of volunteers in the park to give you more information. You can also enjoy night tours at Zealandia, giving you the opportunity to see Kiwis and other nocturnal creatures.


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