Wellingtons Best Cafes

Wellington is renowned for being the cultural and artistic hub of New Zealand and, given the relatively small population (for a capital city at least), there’s an astounding number of quality restaurants, cafés, bars, galleries, shops and theatres here. It is often said that there are more cafes and restaurants per capita than New York City. Now that either means NYC has a distinct lack of eateries (which there wasn't last time I looked!) or there are a bloody load of places to eat in Wellington!

wellingtons best cafes

Cafe culture has become part of Wellington's identity. The first cafes opened in the 1950s and they soon became fashionable places to be seen in. According to the internet (it must be true, it's on the internet!) there are over 1600 cafes, bars and restaurants here. With so many to choose from how do you know which ones to go to and which ones to avoid?!

Never fear! That's what we are here for, 'Sound advice' is in our job description! Since moving to Wellington I have been fine tuning my skills as a 'Lady What Brunches'. In a city like this it would be rude not to. I have made it my mission to stuff my face full of delicious food and hunt down the best cafes Wellington has to offer. I can't really give you a definitive list though as there are still so many that I need to try. But these are my top three so far and ones you should not miss:

Deluxe Expresso Bar, Kent Terrace - Oh.My.God, this places has organic cup cakes to die for! Nuff said.

Fidels, Cuba Street - This place is simply awesome. A great vibe, always pumping, friendly staff and delicious food. It's a hit with everyone. Must try the smoothies.

And a little out of town but definitely worth the trip:

Maranui Cafe, Lyall Bay - Decked out 1940s style, this quirky cafe is in the Surf Life Savours Club. It is so popular you sometimes have to wait for a table but that doesn't really matter because you know the food will be awesome and the cafe boast priceless sea views over to the South Island.

That's enough to keep you going for now, sit down and have a coffee while I try the other 1597 cafes in town.


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