Mount Victoria

This week myself and a few friends attempted the walk up to the Mount Victoria look out in Wellington (or Mount Vic as it's known by the locals). I'll admit that we were a little bit unprepared and didn’t realise that it can be quite steep in some places. Luckily it was only a short walk, and it took us only about 40 minutes to reach the top.

Once we got to the top the pain of the steep hills was quickly forgotten as the view over Wellington was amazing, it was a beautiful clear day with no wind and we could see for miles and got some great photos of the city.

mount victoria wellington views

When we went there was a local man at the lookout making huge bubbles with a lot of soap and fishing rods, typical Wellington and great entertainment for the kids really but I think it amused the adults just as much!!! Was a lovely touch and was great to watch.

At night time the views are equally as breathtaking, it's absolutely stunning seeing the whole of Wellington all lit up. In the summer it's pretty popular to wander up with a picnic, a group of friends and some form of music to just chill out while taking in the awesome views.

From a more famous point of view Mount Victoria has been used as a filming location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy directed by Wellington's very own Peter Jackson.

Those of you that know the films well will instantly recognise the scenes as you climb your way to the top and may even see terrified Hobbits hiding from the Black Riders! Something to tell your friends...

On the way up to the top you might also find a swing. Just be careful though because one of the staff members from Nomads Capital was a bit too brave for his own good and whilst swinging he lost his grip and managed to injure himself. (Nothing serious thankfully, but worth a word of warning to any other adrenaline junkies out there).

If you're looking for something to do in Wellington one afternoon and fancy a little bit of exercise then I would definitely recommend the walk. It’s the best place to get great photos of the city and the mountains and on a clear day you can see right across to the South Island. If you're feeling a bit lazy it's only a short drive up there too but then where's the fun in that?!


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