u-fly Fly your own Plane

Does exactly what it says on the tin. You fly a plane. It really is that simple to fly your own plane over Lake Wanaka. You arrived in New Zealand on one, you've probably jumped out of one and now it's time to fly one yourself. U-fly offer this unique chance in Wanaka for you to take control.

fly your own plane wanaka

Before the panic sits in, you're not alone your instructor is right next to you directing you over the stunning scenery.

U-Fly is the quickest way to get off the ground and explore the skies, with the whole experience focused on getting the most out of your flying time, making U-Fly incredibly good value for money

Whilst you bravely take control of the aircraft your instructor is there to guide you and chat to you about the areas of Lake Wanaka that you are flying over. A useful distraction mechanism maybe but Ruth, your instructor is Wanaka born and bred and so you actually can't get better information and insight into this stunning area of New Zealand's South Island.

With U-Fly you really can live the dream and take control. No need for gimmicks and added unnecessary extras, the experience speaks for itself, and this is part of the charm, making this without a doubt an experience of a lifetime.


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