Black Odyssey caving experience

If you are looking for something challenging to do, why not try your hand at caving in an underground cave with no light except for the light coming from the helmet on your head! Myself and a few friends were on the Kiwi Experience bus and our second stop was Waitomo, where the famous Waitomo Glowworm Caves are located. We headed to The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co. to choose our caving tour.

Black water caving

Besides doing just the cave tours there are aso more adventurous caving activities to choose from. We decided that we'd be brave and conquer our fear of heights and do the most extreme one that The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co. offered, the Black Odyssey.

We checked in, signed our lives away and waited to be collected. They first got us to climb through a small "obstacle course"  that they've made to test if we would be able to do this and so that we could see what to expect for the coming 3 hours. Piece of cake!

We were then geared up and made our way to the Ruakuri cave where our adventure would start. We entered and were immediately amazed by the rock formations. The guides explained a little bit of the history of the area and the geology and formation of the rocks.

Finally we got started with the activity at hand. The cave trip started with us having to climb up to a small narrow gap and crawl through it. From here we continued through the cave climbing along the sides of the cavern, jumping over deep crevices where you can't even see the bottom.


At one point we abseiled down one of these crevices. When we looked up, we actually could see that it wasn't that high where we had been. From here we ziplined across to another part of the cave where we needed to cross over a big crevice balancing on a piece of wire.

After a few more climbs we reached the end.

Before we were picked up to return to our hostel, we were offered a nice bagel with tomato soup which was waiting for everyone that had survived their cave experience! (Which was everyone of course).

It was such a fantastic experience... testing yourself but also seeing things you never normally would. I highly recommend doing this!


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