Kiwi Mountain Bikes Tongariro National park

Tongariro National Park is famous for two things really, the Tongariro crossing and Lord of the Rings. However, with such a massive stretch of land it's only natural that there should be a few more activities to amuse visitors to the area. If you are looking for a way to get outdoors and get amongst the awesome National Park then try hopping on a mountain bike and exploring the area.

Kiwi Mountain Bikes set us up with some top of the range bikes and directions to the Fishers Track, an almost all downhill two and a half hour trip through Tongariro National Park. It's the perfect set up, you do all the hard graft on the bikes and they pick you up at the end when you're shattered and can barely move.

tongariro hill

The Fishers Track really is a track for mountain biking with a mix of terrain to tackle. Starting off on the gravel the beginning is by far the worst part and to be honest for beginners it may be enough to put you off, but just remember that it's ok to walk and push your bike, it's your ride.

I cannot explain how useful that was for me. So I'm not a fitness fanatic or a mountain bike pro but our group of 6 consisted of a couple of pros and we all equally enjoyed the ride. Once you get over the initial hills you do start heading downhill, with views of the Retaruke Valley, Mt Ruapehu, Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro for pretty much the entire journey, it's tough not to stop continually to just stare at it.

For a novice biker this part of the track is a wild ride with many an amusing story to tell including a slide from the boyfriend whose face ended up in the mud. Mind you, that is what you get for pratting around. For the more experienced it is a dream. This is clearly what suspension was made for. It is almost a shame that the grass track comes to an end and the gravel returns but the gravel is pretty much a flat ride which for some is a god send. It's not just road, there's farm land either side and the sheep looked bemused as you cycle past.

It's a great gentle end to the track and when you are pretty much done with after two and a half hours the van drives up the track to collect you. The track from start to finish is 17km which seems like a long way if you aren't to sure about mountain biking but the time flys by and whether you are experienced or just fancy seeing Tongariro National park in an active way then mountain biking is the way forward and I can say with beginner certainty when the van from Kiwi Mountain Bikes creeps towards you, you will not only fall in love with the driver but you will also think that actually I would like to do that again.


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