Fiordland NZ

1. Cookie Time is the bomb!

2. In New Zealand, Flip Flops are referred to as "Jandals"

3. Jedi is an acceptable religion

4. Rugby is also an acceptable religion

5. You've heard the landscape is stunning - but sh*t it really is!

cathedral cove

Cathedral Cove, Coromandel Peninsula

6. The wine is world class

7. Blue Lake in Nelson National Park has the clearest water in the world

8. A 'trundler' is a shopping trolley

9. Only 5% of New Zealand's population is human. Prepare to see a lot of sheep

10. To emphasise this point, the human population of New Zealand is 4 million. The Sheep population is 40 million. That's A LOT of sheep!

sheep new zealand

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11. New Zealanders are far superior to Australians - no exceptions

12. Always pay at the counter. Cafes and restaurants do not tend to bring the bill to your table

13. The Coffee is actually AMAZING! Avoid asking for a "skinny" latte. Kiwis prefer to use the term "trim"

14. New Zealand is home to the world's longest place name

longest maori town name

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15. And the world's steepest street

baldwin street dunedin

Baldwin Street, Dunedin

16. New Zealand music is actually amazing! A little taste: Six60, Ladyhawke, Salmonella Dub, Shapeshifter, Ladyhawke, The Black Seeds

17. Zucchinis are called courgettes

18. In New Zealand, "piss" means beer

19. And on that note, "pissed" means drunk

20. Oh, and a "piss-up" is a party with alcohol

21. While we are on this topic... "piss around" implies that an individual is wasting time

22. "Pissed off" is another term for angry

23. "Pissing down" means that it is raining heavily

24. And if a Kiwi tells you to "piss off," you should probably walk away... fast!

25. Wellington is the windiest city in the world

wellington city

26. Hobbiton is a real place! (Hobbits may not be real!)

27. It’s considered rude to enter a Maori household or sacred building with your shoes on. It is also rude to sit on top of, or lean on a desk (as this is where people earn their living and focus their mind).

28. Whittakers chocolate is better than Cadbury!

29. New Zealanders are pretty much a cashless nation. You can use your bank card or travel card to pay for almost everything

30. The chocolate milk is amazing

chocolate milk new world

Photo Credit: instagram - knockedupabroad

31. Although New Zealand may not seem as hot in temperature as neighbouring Australia, the sun is very strong here! Always remember to wear sunscreen

32. One third of the entire country is protected national park - you can see why it's so beautiful right?

33. There are no snakes in New Zealand

34. Marmite is an acceptable condiment... NEVER mention its Australian counterpart (Vegemite)

35. Queenstown really is the party capital of New Zealand

drunk in new zealand

36. Take your passport out with you for ID - Always!

37. Queenstown is also the adventure capital of New Zealand!

38. Do not litter. Kiwis are very environmentally friendly people (which makes sense as the entire country is jaw droppingly amazing). In fact, there are no nuclear power stations in New Zealand.

39. Fergburger will change your life

40. Pack for all weather conditions! In just 4 hours you can find yourself by a beach, on top of an active volcano, walking a glacier or jumping into a lake

franz josef
Franz Josef Glacier

41. The Cheese is the BOMB! In fact the Mozzarella Cheese used by worldwide chain Pizza Hut comes from Taranaki, New Zealand.

42. Believe it or not - Kiwis are actually 'cultured.' Wellington was once voted by Lonely Planet as the "coolest little capital in the world"

43. 15% of the population is Maori - add a cultural experience to your bucket list

44. "Chur Bro" and "Sweet As" are common phrases that you should probably get used to

45. If you come across a sign like this when driving... slow down

judder bars sign new zealand

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46. You will be immediately shunned by fellow backpackers if you do not try a Bungy Jump. Bungy Jumping was born in New Zealand

47. New Zealand is a very liberal country. It was the first country in the world to give women the right to vote

48. New Zealand has more Scottish pipe bands per capita than Scotland itself

49. The pronunciation of "WH" in Maori is pronounced with an F. Get used to it. There are many places in New Zealand that may cause confusion for the ignorant backpacker - Whakahoro, Whakapapa

things you should know, how to pronounce WH

50. New Zealanders are possibly the friendliest people in the whole wide world. Who can blame them with scenery like this?

fiordland national park new zealand

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