Lake Taupo

What do you expect when you are going to the largest lake in New Zealand? Beautiful blue water, awesome scenery, mountains on the background, and of course an awesome skydive venue!! On my last roadtrip adventure, I went to Lake Taupo to discover the greatness there. 4 hours drive from Auckland and when you reach the edge of the city of Taupo, you can already see the lake from afar.

Lake Taupo is a gigantic lake and the water is so nice when you go near it's like telling you to swim there immediately - unfortunately we didn't have enough time to swim there.

One of the nicest views from Lake Taupo is that you're able to see the 3 mountains from Tongariro Crossing, which includes Mordor (Mount Doom in Lord of The Rings), Mt Ruapehu, and 2 others which I'm not sure what the names are, I think it was Mount Ngauruhoe, and Mount Whakapapa.

We did not have a lot of time to spend there but I was the one driving the car and every 5 minutes there's always a great spot to take a picture of the lake! So I was stopping every 10 minutes or so - to not be so annoying to my passengers inside the car - but it was so beautiful. And best of all I got to skydive with that view. Lake Taupo is deservedly the most recommended spot for skydiving in New Zealand. We were very lucky because it was cloudy when we arrived but when we got to the skydiving spot suddenly the clouds went away and the sun was up. It was so beautiful you can see it from the video that it was clear blue sky and the sun hits the surface of the lake so that it was glowing. The best skydive I can ask for.

There's tons of stuff to do on the Lake, you can go kayaking, go on a boat cruise to see a Maori gate carving, heaps and heaps of stuff but unfortunately we didn't have enough time in Taupo to go and do everything and even not enough time to see the Maori gate carving. So there's definitely enough reasons to go back there.


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