Agrodome Agroventures

5 Adventure Activities and much more; Agroventures and the Agrodome, just outside Rotorua is a great place to visit for the whole family and you can easily spend a whole day here taking part in the 5 adventure activities on site, watching people taking part or just chilling in the Agrodome and having a hands-on New Zealand farming experience.


The Agrodome gives you the opportunity to see goats, cattle, deer, alpacas and ostriches, amongst other animals, and you can also take part in the world famous Agrodome Sheep Show!

The Agrodome also has Organic farm Tours of their 160 hectare farm where you'll have the opportunity to feed some of the friendly animals. Watch the sheep shearing show, visit the woolen mill or just chill out and eat some good food in the onsite cafe. There's so much to see in this part of the Agrodome that you may forget about Agroventures, the adrenaline filled part of your day out!

Agroventures Activities

Agrojet - speed around at 100 km/hr, not even slowing down for the corners.. this is seriously good fun. Two of you can sit with the driver and speed around this manmade course and you won't even get wet!

Bungy - Rotorua may not be as well known as other parts of the country for it's bungy jump but it's as a good a place as any to tick this one off your "list of things to do before you die"

agrodome - freefall xtreme

Freefall Xtreme - not sure about throwing yourself out of a plane? Well here at Freefall Xtreme, you can experience what it's like to freefall from the sky without jumping out of a plane. It can be a bit tricky to work out how to balance but the guys give you a helping hand and it's such good fun!

Swoop - So if you don't fancy a bungy, you should try Swoop. Up to 3 of you can go together and you do feel a bit safer as you're strapped into what can only be described as sleeping bags before one of you releases you from the cord and swoop to the ground below and swing around before coming to a stop. This one petrified me at first, but only becuase I had to trust my friend to pull the cord to release us and she nearly did it before we reached the top! (Not that it would have mattered too much)

Shweeb - This ones fairly new and I haven't personally tried this one although I did see it in the construction stage. All I can say is it looks like great fun!

So not only can you take your small kids to have a good old interactive farming experience, all those adventure seeking teenagers and adults will have a great day out here at Agrodome and Agroventures in Rotorua.

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