Walter Peak High Country Farm

Living in the center of Queenstown and basically being around people all the time made me decide to do something cultural outside of Queenstown. I decided to spend my afternoon with Real Journeys for their trip out to Walter Peak High Country Farm via the awesome TSS Earnslaw.

walter peak high country farm

Real Journeys is a tourism company that is regarded as a leader in the New Zealand tourism industry and offers operations from Stewart Island to Queenstown, including cruises through Milford and Doubtful Sounds.

Real Journeys offer a wide variety of activities which include day trips & scenic flights to Doubtful & Milford Sound, glow worm cave tours, kayaking, walks, cruises and buffet lunch and evening dining at Walter Peak.

I had a great experience with them as well, during the afternoon I spent time on the TSS Earnslaw which brought me up to the Walter Peak High Country Farm. The TSS Earnslaw is the grandest vessel and is believed to be the only coal-fired passenger carrying vessel that still operates in the southern hemisphere. It is really cool as they are basically operating like the titanic did.

After 30-45 minutes on Lake Wakatipu, which was beautiful because I saw some of Queenstown's spectacular Alpine scenery, we arrived at Walter Peak High Country Farm.

Me (and the rest of the passengers) received a lovely welcome from the farmers and you could decide to join a barbeque or a tour around the farm (depends on your ticket, you can decide to book this tour with or without lunch).

lamb at Walter Peak High Country Farm

Many people booked the tour including the lunch which definitely made me jealous because it looked delicious! Different choices of meat, fresh salads, potatoes, drinks and even desserts! Lucky them aye :).

Anyways, my tour, the TSS Earnslaw and a tour around the farm (including drinks and homemade snacks) started and I got introduced to some New Zealand farm life. They introduced us to their animals, showed us their daily activities and we could even experience the farm dogs rounding up sheep from the hill paddocks and see the farmer shear a sheep! Next to the farm tour you can try horse trekking or go on a cycling adventure, which looks beautiful because that place really takes your breath away. 

I really enjoyed my time with Real Journeys on the TSS Earnslaw and on their Walter Peak Farm tour. The locals at the farm were very friendly and happy to tell me about their way of living their life.

I got the opportunity to meet a little local as well: a little lamb. As New Zealand is not only known about the kiwi's but also about the sheep, it was cool that this was part of the tour as well. It is a nice trip to spend your afternoon out of the center of Queenstown and get introduced to a totally different lifestyle than what you see in the center of Queenstown and it comes highly recommended by me!


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