Two activities - serious fun in Queenstown!

Just another random Tuesday morning at Nomads Queenstown or so I thought! I was expecting a really normal day and I wasn't sure on what I was going to do yet, so when I walked down to the reception and they told me that I had the opportunity to go river surfing, I was like 'yeah!' this was on the top of my to do list for Queenstown.

serious fun queenstown

I headed round to the River surfing shop, where we got an introduction about the company and the history of River surfing. They offered us two different kinds of surfing, the Frogz white water sledging and the Serious Fun river surfing, I was lucky... I got to do both. :)

The difference if you compare the Frogz sledging to the River surfing is that on the Frogz you use a real body surfing board, it's heavier, you are going faster and I recommend that you try this out first. The trips are a bit different and it's a very exclusive and unique activity that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

For the Serious Fun River Surfing you can choose between the 'Chinese Dog Leg' or the 'Roaring Meg'. The Chinese Dog Leg is a float under the Kawarau Bungy bridge and is New Zealand's longest commercial rapid. The Roaring Meg has some of New Zealand's highest volumes of white water, you're gonna be riding on whirlpools, surfing standing waves, flying underwater, and also some massive rock jumps, with magnificent and scary sensations!

My experience:

river surfing queenstown

It was soooo much fun:)! The guides are very professional, safety conscious and funny. The atmosphere in the group was wonderful. The Frogz Sledge feels more robust and you have more control up the stream, but I found The River Surfing more exciting, harder and you feel more at one with the nature around and you can really feel the power of the river, the guides also teach you some pretty cool tricks.

Both of the activities are really good fun and in my opinion a must do in Queenstown! River surfing and sledging are unique activities and they can't be done everywhere. So if you are here, GO FOR IT... Get down to the Mad Travel desk at Nomads Queenstown and have a chat to us about it!

My day just kept getting better, as we all ended up going for Pizzas and cold beers, where we were shown the pictures and videos of us on the river for the day. I'm really grateful for this day, considering when I woke up I thought it was just another day at work for me... Ha wrong I was! I will never forget the fun I had!

Thanks Guys.


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