Top 10 things to do in Queenstown

Moving to Queenstown to get work was a pretty exciting prospect and I was not disappointed! My two travel mates and I shuffled into Queenstown after a crazy four weeks travelling the North Island in a bright red camper van and I am pretty sure we saved the best bit of New Zealand for last, because there are SO many things to do in Queenstown, too many to mention them all here so I am going to list my personal Top 10 things to do in Queenstown.

I highly recommend doing all of the things mentioned below, so make sure you spend enough time in Queenstown to fully experience everything (and don't spend all of your money before you get here, however if you are running out of cash we do have some tips on finding work in Queenstown).

1. Skyline Gondola

This, quite frankly, is a must! You can grab a return pass for the gondola or if you are feeling energetic, it is a 1 hour walk to the Skyline restaurant and viewing platform, and the views over Queenstown are spectacular.

2. Luging

If you want to try your hand at luging, you can purchase a pass for the Skyline gondola and 5 luges for a very reasonable rate. Luging is a ridiculous amount of fun! read more

things to do queenstown luging
3. Ben lomond Hiking Track

Also from the gondola you can explore the Ben Lomond hiking track, it's a bit hard-going if you're unfit but the views from the top make it all worthwhile (take snacks with you!) read more

things to do queenstown ben lomond track
4. Paragliding

Fancy Paragliding? Yes, you can do that too from the Gondola! read more

5. Bungy Jump

One more thing I recommend from the Gondola is a bungy jump. AJ Hackett have several bungy jumping sites in Queenstown (all of which are worth it) but it's hard to get bungy photos as good as the ones from here. No matter which jump you end up doing, no-one can come to Queenstown and not do a bungy jump! read more

things to do queenstown night bungy jump
6. Shotover Canyon Swing

The Shotover Canyon Swing. An amazing alternative to a bungy jump and such an experience partly due to your surroundings, partly due to the 70 different jump styles you can choose from and partly due to the amazing staff who control your swing. Transfers are approximately 2.5 hrs return. Check out the Shotover canyon swing website to check out the jump styles... and the best bit? If you decide to jump again, it's cheaper - LOVE IT! read more

things to do queenstown shotover canyon swing
7. Shotover Jet

The Shotover Jet is 25 minutes of pure adrenalin. Speed through the narrow and dramatic canyon, whilst maneuvering around boulders and skimming past rocky outcrops. Check out the photos and videos afterwards as there are always some absolute classics. Return times from Queenstown are around 90 minutes with free transfers from the Station Building on Shotover Street. read more

things to do queenstown shotover jet
8. Milford Sound

Buried in the world heritage Fiordland National Park is arguably the most visited landmark in the South Island, Milford Sound. Access is via road or flight and whichever mode of transport you choose you will not be disappointed. Trips from Queenstown stop in Te Anau and then include a 2 hour cruise around the sound taking in sights such as Lady Bowen Waterfalls or the majestic Mitre Peak. Be prepared for a long day but a once in a lifetime experience. read more

9. Fergburger

What do you need after all this excitement? That's right... a Fergburger! This wee meat pattie has risen from humble beginnings as a hole in the wall burger joint to the most talked about burger joint in NZ. It is a source of sustenance for backpackers and seasonnaires and wow is it worth it. Do not let the queue put you off, it goes down quickly! Top tip: splash out on the Bulls eye burger, it is worth it! read more

things to do queenstown fergburger
10. Frisbee Golf

And now for something less energetic and less 'extreme' but still a lot of fun... Frisbee Golf (or disc golf) at Queenstown Gardens! This is a must in Queenstown and is great fun. read more

Queenstown really is the adventure capital of New Zealand and if my first month has been anything to go by, my time here at Nomads Queenstown is going to be an epic adventure from start to finish!


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