The Luanda Experience

The staff from Nomads Queenstown were so lucky last week. They got the great opportunity to join the Luanda Experience. The Luanda Experience is Queenstown's only party lake cruise. They offer several trips per week and it's a blast! You can say it's a party boat where partying is really possible. They play music (have a great music list!), have a bbq and great staff on board!

The cruise is running on Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand's most beautiful lake! It's a true experience as I never thought you could actually party on a boat. Ok I know the Nomads crew are party animals but this boat made it a totally new experience. Dancing on the rooftop, having drinks, having laughs and enjoying a great barbeque made this a fantastic trip!

luanda experience QTN

During the boat cruise we weren't only partying, we even saw some locals and tourists living the dream. They were joining wakeboarding, waterskiing and even BMW (the bike) activities on the water, which was a blast to watch. I still can't believe how much is possible in Queenstown and its beautiful surroundings.

In total we enjoyed a boat trip from 2,5 hours and I can say that we all had a blast. This is a great alternative to your normal bar crawl or run of the mill night where you just sit at a bar and drink. This is definitely worth the change up. If you're looking for a great tour, and a then this is definitely worth it.

They run several times per week and it's such a great experience. Not only partying on a boat is fun but it's great as it shows you around Lake Wakatipu, offers you the best songs on board and not to forget great staff that make this whole trip worth it!

This party boat also has a dancefloor, Playstation 3, beanbag room for chilling out and endless amounts of music to dance the night away!


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