The Fear Factory

A few of the staff from Nomads Queenstown were lucky enough recently to be invited to visit The Fear Factory, Queenstown. I have to say it was a fantasticly freaky time! If you love a good fright like I do then don't miss out on this new must-do activity in Queenstown!

The build up to the opening was pretty intense with claims it would be the scariest haunted house tour in New Zealand and the rumours of a similar haunted house in Canada said there were literally thousands that could not finish going through and chickened out.

queenstown haunted house

Haunted House Queenstown - Scare yourself Silly!

Needless to say we were all crapping our pants and no one was trying to act tough! I think this video gives you a good idea of how terrifyingly awesome it is: The Fear Factory: The Legend!

I have to be honest I could barely open my eyes I was so terrified, it's a real thrill and good for a laugh, that is once you see the picture you didn't know was being taken as you screamed like a little girl!

Laughing at The Fear Factory Queenstown

Scared but still laughing!

Fear Factory Queenstown has opened in a building with an already unusual past - having most recently been a place of worship, after a church took over the lease from a brothel named Candy's. Apparently when the owner took over there was a ball and chain left in the building as if that wasn't eerie enough.

haunted house queenstown

The Fear Factory Queenstown!

There's not much you can do with this amount of thrill in Queenstown for just $35 and the cool thing is you can do it anytime, in any weather condition all year round!

There were already 38 people that chickened out in the first two weeks they opened! So it's fair to say that it definitely isn't for the faint hearted! Are you excited yet?

Next time you are in Queenstown this is a must do so come and see the guys at Nomads Queenstown and we will point you in the right direction so that you too can have the fright of your life!

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