Serious Fun River Surfing

Nomads Queenstown battles the river again! This time we didn't have a raft and paddles, just a body board and a pair of flippers to get us through the rapids. Our bus driver Dan from Serious Fun River Surfing got us to the site where we got geared up. Wet suits on, boots, life jacket, flippers, boards and helmets. I went for a lovely purple one to match my new hair!

One of our guides Guido sat us down to go through a few hand signals we would need to know on the river then off we went to hit the water.

serious fun river surfing

We jumped in the freezing cold water and had some practise with the moves, what to do if you fall of the board... a thought that terrified me. Kicking as hard as I could I got into the middle of the river and away we went!

We raced downstream, not even at the first rapid yet and I was fearing for my life! Being nervous in the water, again I stuck near the guide as much as I could. A very difficult task with the currents throwing you around like a ragdoll. A few minutes later we were approaching the first rapid, my heart now securely in the throat, took a deep breath and went in. I thought getting through the rapids on a raft was tough work, definitely a breeze compared to this.

We went through 3 rapids then had a bit of an easy run before we jumped out, got back on the bus to go back to the starting point to do it all again. Sian and I needed a bit of convincing to put ourselves through all that again, but we grabbed our boards and  jumped back in the water.

The Serious Fun River Surfing guides made for an awesome day, keeping us safe and some friendly banter. After the second time battling the river I was keen to head back to Queenstown for a fergburger and shower before getting back behind the reception desk.

If you are an adrenalin junkie this is a must do if you come to visit Queenstown.


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