Queenstown Gardens

What I miss back home, and what I will always miss if I never go back there, are these beautiful parks, where everyone comes together to chill out and where life seems so easy and perfect. Luckily Queenstown does offer this and I can't get enough of it! The Queenstown Gardens are only a minute walk away from Nomads Queenstown and not only is it a great place to relaxe but there are several activities available too.

queenstown gardens

The beautiful park includes an ice rink, frisbee golf course a 2.5km running/walking track around the perimeter and a huge pond in the middle where all the ducks await a feeding of any leftover bread from the passers by. There is a huge gazebo where you can sit and relax while having lunch and plenty of green grass areas to play or sunbathe and relax. On occasion they hold concerts in the gardens as well which creates an awesome atmosphere. There is always something going on.

It is very peaceful and a really good spot to relax and to enjoy the easy life that the kiwi's are living here. Well kiwi's? Most people that you will see are foreigners that don't know how to leave Queenstown, as they love it so much. Well who wouldn't? You will know what I am talking about once you've discovered this place yourself :)

Queenstown Gardens

The best thing about the park is that there are different walks which all show a different aspect. You can walk around the park, which basically is a walk along Lake Wakatipu. You can also walk through the woods where you can watch some frisbee golf games going on. Or you could actually walk 'in' the park where you can enjoy these beautiful gardens.

Queenstown is not only about partying all the time, no not even. It offers different things for all sort of tourists and the Queenstown gardens is a really nice spot to hang out! Don't compare it with big gardens like for example the ones in Sydney... cause that's not reasonable as Queenstown, like it says, is a town and not a huge city BUT it is a really nice park, where you can chill out and enjoy the life while you're here :).


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