Off Road Adventures Queenstown

It was just another normal day for the 3 of us working in Nomads Queenstown, when we were invited to attend a day at Off Road Adventures!

Ronan, Jess & I all went into the shop bright and early and were loaded into the 4wd beasts which took us to our first location, this was private land on the back roads to Arrowtown which had road tracks about as narrow as Ronan's... well, it was narrow! The views were absolutely amazing and you could see over the whole of Queenstown from the top of the hill.

off road adventures queenstown

This however was just a teaser for things to come, and although we were only passengers in the 4wd at this stage being thrown around from left to right, we were going to be controlling our OWN 4WD later in the day, so we were a bit nervous!

Next we went out to Arrowtown and drove through the amazing river where we were shown the sights and I also managed to hit my head on the roof going over one of the river humps, Ronan thought it was hilarious... I could have died!

After that it was off to the adventure park where we were going to drive our own 4wd trucks and get crazy on the quad bikes! Half went with the 4wd's while Jess, Ronan and myself started on the quad bikes. We went through a couple of practice laps first which was to grade us to see if we were good enough to go on the expert track. Jess unfortunately didnt make the cut and had to go on the beginner track where as Ronan & I were the leading pair on the expert tracks. It was an AMAZING ride and a full on adrenaline rush! When it comes to speed, danger, risk and rushes this is definitely the activity to do! Ronan managed to get some awesome airtime with his first attempt at a jump and was commended by the tour guide, i decided to better him on the next turn but wasnt commended at all...i think Ronan was definitely the favourite!

off road adventures queenstown

Then it was onto the 4wd tracks where we all got to drive (about 20 minutes each) part of the track. I went first and it was like tryin to drive down half a lane on a one way street, it also got very steep on a few occasions where i thought the truck was gonna flip over. Anyway Ronan and I got through our 20 minutes fine, however when the lovely Jess had her turn its fair to say we were fearing for our lives on more than one occasion. There was one part where Jess went completely off the track and into a ditch which was about a 1 metre drop. The guide wasnt too happy with her, but she seemed to think it was all good and carried on like nothing happened...sorry about that guys!

The day finished by the Off Road Adventures guys giving us the meanest chicken sandwiches and dropping us back home. All in all an awesome day out with a world class outfit.

Thanks Off Road Adventures Queenstown, all of us here at Nomads Queenstown think you are the bomb!

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