Nevis Swing Queenstown

So you're not really into the whole bungy thing. Or maybe you are, but you're just a general maniac and keen to get into everything possible while you're here. Meet the Nevis Swing. Not quite a bungy, the Nevis Swing sells itself as the biggest swing in the world, out in the Nevis canyon next to the AJ Hackett Nevis Bungy.

nevis swing queenstown

AJ Hackett Bungy look after the site, and with three bungys and two swings, these guys know what they're doing. They have loads of packages going to get you out to all their sites, including the Thrillogy, where you can choose any three of their five products to satisfy your adrenaline needs.In my experience, the best way to do any activity like this is with as little notice as possible, which is exactly what we did, booking the swing around lunchtime and heading out there only a few hours later. The less time you give yourself to think about it, the better, best to make the decision and do it before you have time to comprehend what it is that's actually happening... in my case, a 70m freefall followed by a 300m swing. Yeah, that one.

nevis swing queenstownMy swing of choice was backwards, as I was convinced that there was no way I would be able to hook my legs up around the ropes to do it upside down. Next time, I'm all about that. If you're not keen on either of those options, you can of course go forwards or tandem with your special someone (or anyone else who's loitering about).

"I was brought back to the pod, my teeth about to crumble I was smiling so hard, a flurry of expletives coming from my mouth..."

Anyway, this time, my name got called, I stepped through the gate, reversed back to the edge, got clipped in and swung out. A 5 second countdown courtesy of everyone on the swing pod and I was rocketing mostly upside down (oh gravity) into the canyon at goodness knows what speed. After casually swinging about for a little bit, I was brought back to the pod, my teeth about to crumble I was smiling so hard, a flurry of expletives coming from my mouth (quite the classy girl) as I tried to explain how amazing the feeling was, borderline begging the jump master to let me swing again there and there.

The Nevis Swing is up there as one of the most fun extreme activities that I've been lucky enough to do in Queenstown. Biggest swing in the world? Get amongst it! 'nuff said.


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