luging queenstown

Luging is fast becoming one of the most popular activities in Queenstown, not only with backpackers but with locals too. Luging is located at the top of the Gondola which is a perfect location because you have a beautiful view over Queenstown while you race down the luge tracks. You can even join other activities while you are on top of the Gondola, like the ledge bungy, a maori show or having lunch/dinner at the Skyline restaurant.

Even though luging is very popular, many people don't really know what it is. The slightly ominous name doesn't give away the sheer amount of fun that luging can bring.

Simply, it involves a cart and a downhill track similar to sledging on snow but take away the snow and add some very small wheels. Think Mario Cart but in real life!


The Queenstown luge offers two tracks, a beginner track (scenic track) and a more advanced track. Both have their advantages and neither are really 'advanced'. The beginner track is longer but the advanced track has some awesome bumps along the way.

queenstown luge

Before I did the luge, I thought it would be pretty easy and not scary at all... It is completely safe (as long as you follow the instructions!) but it went pretty fast, maybe a bit too fast for my liking on the advanced track. Although I went luging with my friends, most of the time I was by myself because I was going a little slower than they were, but guess what? I still had lots of fun as it's just hilarious. Keep on smiling as there are camera's everywhere to follow you and your luge adventure!

Visitors are welcome as well! They can stay down the track and wait till you luge down, to take photos of you or laugh at you as you look a bit like mario and his friends! If they are not keen to wait there are, like I said before, more than enough other things to do on top of the hill...

With the cafe, AJ Hackett Ledge Bungy, Ziptrek Ecotours and Queenstown Paragliding surrounding the luge tracks there is plenty to keep themselves occupied.

The Luge is accessible either via the gondola or a 90 minute walk through the forest. Totally not just for kids luging is the most amount of fun whatever your age, it will have you laughing continually for hours. Without a shadow of a doubt luging is one of the best activities in Queenstown.

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