Hydro Attack Shark

Are you ready to take on a 18ft shark? That is the question I had to ask myself and for the first time ever I have the fear and it's not from drinking!

Queenstown's newest activity and the only place in the world to offer a commercial tour in the seabreacher x. This is an 18 ft long mechanical shark powered by a 260 HP super charged engine! Reaching speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds.

This feels like a roller coaster in the water with 90 degree rolls, dives up to 5 feet under the water, jumps up to 18 feet out of the water and lots of donuts. This is like a cross between a fighter jet and a torpedo skimming around Lake Wakatipu.

hydro attack queenstown shark jump

So the morning started off bright and early, as I anxiously watched the shark approach the wharf a whole lot of silly thoughts raced through my head. Am I going to be claustrophobic? Am I going to be the first person to be sick all over the driver? Am I excited or scared?

Oh well there we go, life jacket on, jandals off, quick safety briefing and I am ready to take on the shark. A less than gracious entry is made into the small but comfortable state of the art cockpit, earmuffs on. The journey has begun.

As we cruise out of Queenstown Bay to the start marker, the canopy closes and we're off. Straight into a 90 degree roll water engulfing the entire craft. My first thought was that we were capsizing until I remembered this is what the hydro attack was built for. You almost hear the Jaws music cranking through your ears while you speed around diving to the depths of Lake Wakatipu, when you shoot back out the water everything feels like it is going in slow motion until you hit the water and spin into a 360 degree turn.

hydro attack queenstown shark

Once you've had so many spins, turns and twirls that you can no longer tell what's up and down anymore the driver safely returns you back to shore.

As gracefully as you got in you try to crawl out again. With the adrenalin rushing through your body you realise what has just happened!

This is one amazing, unique experience you should give a go. Who wants to miss the chance of being inside a Shark?!? I was lucky enough to have a ride in their newest addition the Tiger Shark, the paint work is unreal! People of all ages can ride inside the Shark from 6 years upwards. They will cater the experience for each customer, from a high speed adrenalin filled ride to a lighter ride. No limits, you choose.

Check out the video they gave me to see just what my experience was like!

Huge thanks to the guys at Hydro Attack Queenstown for this rare and awesome experience!


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