Glenorchy | A stunning day away from Queenstown

The first time I went to Glenorchy we were out there for the whole day doing some amazing activities. The morning started with an early drive out to Glenorchy with Dart River Safari where we were due to do a jet boat ride & a wilderness walk. As we drove out to one of the ancient Beech forests we passed through some awe inspiring landscape, film sets and frosty paddocks.

The Beech forest was so lush & green for the middle of winter (July). The guide explained that part of the evolution of the trees was that it absorbs moisture straight from the surrounding air, amazing aye?

The walk lasted for around 35-40 minutes and once at the pick up point we all jumped on the Jet Boat ready to be hurled up the Dart River. I can't even begin to explain the beauty of the surrounding mountains with so much snow on them.

After a good hour and many 360 spins later we jumped off the boat, had some lunch & made our way to High Country Horses for a 3 hour horse trek. I'm not a horse kind of person but these animals were cool & calm (bonus) except one called Tom, apparently he has a few “issues”, he can't be behind other horses as his competitive nature comes out. I'll explain, all of the horses are former race bred horses that didn't make the grade but instead of putting them down, this company takes them in and looks after them, how cool is that?

glenorchy lord of the rings country

The trek travels across the Rees River to explore the river beach environment and grassy flats, so this is ideal for those who haven't done this sort of thing before. I found it to be really entertaining as everyone was a beginner and learning how to control the horses and gettiing to trot the horses. The best moment for me was when one of the horses wanted to eat some of the fresh juicy grass under a tree, the rider  couldn't stop it from going through the branches and over hanging limbs.

On one of my days off my girlfriend & I decided to take a drive back to Glenorchy since it was a nice, sunny day. We didn't have any activities planned so we decided to head down to the lakefront for some photos, this was kind of hard as the wind was really blowing, it was very Wellington-esque. I became a little bored of that so I started to hunt for some stones to skip over the lake, I don't know about anyone else but I can spend ages just skipping stones & these Southern Lakes are perfect for it.

Rach was soon gettiing bored of me acting like a kid again so we headed along the lake to a walking track that runs alongs the Rees River. The peacefulness of the surroundings is so calming and I know that sounds very hippyish but it's true. After about 30 minutes we came across a couple of bridges and a wooden walkway which finally lead to the Glenorchy Lagoon. During the colder Winter months this metre or so deep lagoon freezes solid (you should try some ice skating).


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