Canyoning Queenstown

Canyoning… something I had never done before in but always something that I was interested in, especially in Queenstown. So when the opportunity arose, I said YES!

So what is canyoning? It is a type of adventure activity that requires your entire body and various kinds of skills. For me, the least graceful person you will meet, this scared me. The thought of me climbing, jumping, scrambling and abseiling down waterfalls had me nervous and already embarrassed as to how ridiculous I would look and feel. With that however, I had heard nothing but good things and I am always up for a challenge, no matter how ungraceful and unfortunate I look. Canyoning is by all means a wet sport... but you are suited and booted with a tough wet suit with padding (it helps, believe me) and you have a guide that is pretty much like Spiderman helping you out at all times.

canyoning queenstown group

The morning started off with a scenic road trip to Queenstown Canyon - just 10 minutes from town. Canyoning Queenstown offer a few different types of tours for all levels including Dart Canyon and Routeburn Canyon. The Queenstown tour goes for 4 hours with 2 full hours of Canyoning! When we arrived, we parked the bus and trailer and got equipped with our wet suits and harnesses whilst our canyoning expert told us the do's and don'ts and what to expect. From there, he led us down a stream and further into a forest. Before we knew it, we were in a canyon surrounded by a showering waterfall and clear pools beneath us. We slid down water polished chutes, abseiled down waterfalls, climbed up hefty rocks and walked through stunning rivers with captivating scenery.

canyoning queenstown cave

Rob was extremely helpful and made us feel safe at all times. The laughs and the shrieks out of everyone hitting the water was brilliant. After the first few slides and abseils, we all grew our confidence and felt like pro's… not a bother to us!! I couldn’t recommend a better morning and such a good intro into canyoning.

canyoning queenstown

This my friends is a Queenstown must… No experience necessary just a lust for adventure and life. A big shout out to our tour guide for being an absolute legend!

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