AJ Hackett ledge Bungy Queenstown

Queenstown has a lot of activities to offer, from easy and fun ones to totally extreme ones, from cheap ones to more expensive ones. One thing I promised myself I would never do is bungy jump, because why pay money to do an activity that you are so scared of? But guess what, I got talked into doing it and now, having done the AJ Hackett ledge bungy myself, I found the answer: It is an experience that will stick with you for a lifetime!

The AJ Hackett ledge bungy jump is on top of the Gondola, which is only a 10 minute walk away from Nomads Queenstown hostel. You can take the lift up there or you can enjoy a beautiful hike which will only take you about 50 to 60 minutes. As well as this bungy jump, AJ Hackett have 2 others that can be found in Queenstown:

  • Kawarau Bridge (Water Dip)
  • The Nevis (The Big one)

The ledge one is a bit different to the others and for me it was more scary as I didn't know what to expect (I did the Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy which is much smaller and that was scary enough)!

Ledge bungy Queenstown

The ledge bungy is a freestyle jump where you can basically decide what you want to do. You don't have the4 bungy cord round your ankles but around your belly. I decided to just jump as normal to get it over with but the lovely staff from AJ Hackett Bungy had a better idea: You are going to do it backwards! And I was thinking: hell NO! Don't get me wrong though, you can decide to do whatever you like but because I work at Nomads Queenstown they wanted to see me doing something 'more' extreme.

So I decided to do it backwards which was scary as hell but was another experience and it felt like something totally different than one of the other bungy jumps you can do. Afterwards I got the opportunity to see my photos and I couldn't stop smiling. First of all because I looked like a scared monkey but second of all because of the amazing shots with the beautiful view of Queenstown in the back. Definitely worth it and another memory that I will never forget. I can say that New Zealand is the first country that actually got me to do these extreme things because back home I would have never done this.

Ledge Bungy at night

In the winter you are able to do it in the dark which makes the pictures just mental!

Some other good things are that it's cheaper compared to the Nevis Bungy and the same price as the Kawarau Bridge and it's very close to town. All you need is the gondola ride up and go. Also good for spectators watching the bungy jumping, instead of doing it yourself.

It is fun fun fun! The adrenaline rush you get from a good bungy jump is immense and for the first time and the first seconds of each jump you will definitely feel like you are going to die, but the feeling after is just insane, you will actually feel refreshed.


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