3 2 1 Bungy!

Everybody knows the highest Bungy Jump in New Zealand can be found in Queenstown, known as the Nevis Bungy! But did you know about the other bungy jumps hosted by AJ Hackett in Queenstown? I'd just started working for Nomads Queenstown when I got an email saying that myself and some other staff members were going to be pushed off a bridge, off a mountain and out of a cabin hanging 134 meters above the ground!

nevis bungy

When the day started we all gathered at the Station building in Queenstown where AJ Hackett is located. They arranged a bus to bring us to the first site known as Kawarau Bridge. To warm us up they hooked us on to the zipline, a couple of us were hanging there and one push on the button made us bomb down a 130 meter cable reaching 60 kph! Very exciting stuff!

After that they took all of us to the 43 meter high Bridge and one by one we were being strapped in and taken to the platform to jump off! And then it was my turn, they hooked me up to the bungy cord and I took small baby steps to the edge of the platform. They point out the camera and tell you to smile... which you, by the way, really don't feel like at that point.

Then there's your countdown 3 – 2 – 1 JUMP! And there I went spreading my arms and falling down! It was the best feeling I've ever had! A small boat comes and gets you while you're still hanging upside down and you walk back to the building still trying to figure out what just had happened.

nevis swing queenstown

We then went to the Nevis Bungy, we were split up in smaller groups and they took us to a little hanging cart that took us to the jumping platform. The music is pumping through the cabin to get you really excited. I was taken to a chair and they hooked me up to the Bungy cord, again the baby steps to the edge, some more photo's while there's 134 meters of nothing beneath you. Just while you're trying to get yourself together they start counting down: 3 – 2 – 1 JUMP!

There I was freefalling for 8 seconds... I was silent just loving the adrenaline running through my body! When they hoisted me back up I was just loving the amazing views.

At the Nevis site there's also the Worlds biggest swing! We all gathered at a small platform and in couples we were being strapped in, they hooked us up to the system and there you are again hanging above nothing.

Some great pictures were taken by the staff while the Swing operator is controlling when you're going to be released. He tried distracting us, which he managed quite well, and when we least expected it we started our freefall hooking in to the cables and swinging through a 300 meter arc!

Your stomach tries to invert itself at this point, what a feeling!

ledge bungy queenstown

And last but not least we were taken to the the 45 meter high Ledge Bungy located in Queenstown. You go up with the gondola to see the platform hanging 400 meters above Queenstown. You could choose between the swing or the bungy and I chose the bungy.

They hooked me in to a freestyle harness which means you can jump any way you'd like! I chose to take a run, turn around in the air and re-enact the shooting scene from the matrix! When you realise you're falling down you don't even remember how to scream! For me this was definitely the scariest one!

After this we got all the photos, Movies and T-shirt's, they looked amazing and remind you time after time of an amazing day! So if you're ever staying at Nomads Queenstown get to the Mad travel shop and get yourself booked on to jump off everything you can, it is a 100% worth it !


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