Cape Reinga Day Tour with Great Sights

Want to visit the northernmost point of New Zealand? Join Great Sights New Zealand on their Cape Reinga and Ninety Mile Beach Tour and experience it yourself.

During our three day trip with Stray to the beautiful Bay of Islands, we decided to visit New Zealands most Northern point as well. In the morning, the Great Sights New Zealand coach picked us up  in front of The Bay Adventurer Hostel in Paihia and promised us a day of good fun.

After an hour drive and stocked with information about New Zealand and what the day would bring, we made our first stop at the Puketi Kauri Forest. Manginangina Kaura Walk, a 5 minute walk path, which was actually especially built for the Queen of England, takes you to some of New Zealands most impressive Kauri trees. Fun fact is that the Queen only walked a few metres before she decided to go back. Impressed by these massive forrest giants, we made our way to the forest and finished the entire walk.

cape reinga

Back on the bus we continued our way to New Zealands only, and famous beach roadway, Ninety Mile Beach. Despite its name, the beach is only 55 miles long. It gives you a weird feeling to drive on the sand, through puddles of water and even through swamps but pretty sure it one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

After a short photostop on Ninety Mile beach, we got ourselves ready for some action. We kicked those shoes off and took the valuable stuff out of our pockets... Sandboarding here we come! With sandboards in hand, we climbed our way up the sand dune. I must say, it was a pretty good work-out. A little scared at first to go down, I took my chance, jumped on the board and off we go. It was so much fun that I decided to walk all the way up the dune to do this all over again. Just make sure you can stop or you might get a little wet.

sandboarding 90mile beach

As we were all excited but also hungry from the sandboarding, the driver decided to make an extra lunchstop on a small, cozy beach. And for the tough guys and girls in the group, a swim in the sea is permitted.

Time to get back on the bus and make our way to Cape Reinga, the very top of New Zealand. Seeing the white lighthouse with the different signposts in front of it, made us realize we were in NZ's most northern point where the Tasman sea and Pacific ocean clash together. Cape Reinga is such a peaceful place and definitely worth a visit.

Every trip has an ending and we had to return to Paihia. It was time to sit back in the coach, relax and talk about all the great stuff we had seen and done this day. We made a quick stop in a Kauri wood factory to stretch the legs and half an hour later the hungry boys and girls could enjoy some of New Zealands best fish and chips.

We got back to Paihia around 7PM. Time for a shower, some dinner and to enjoy some live music with a glass of beer and wine. It was an awesome day up North. Don't hesitate and get on the coach with Great Sights NZ. I can assure you, you will have a great day!


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