New Zealand in Top 3 Destinations for British Travellers

It's no secret that the British love to travel and that it would take something pretty major, like the world ending, to stop the British from escaping the daily grind and crappy weather for a while each year. Therefore, it is fair to say that the Brits know what they're talking about when it comes to travel and which destinations they are keen to travel to and once again, New Zealand is being named as a top destination to travel to, this time in Wanderlust Magazine.

2010 is definitely New Zealand's year. Already named by Lonely Planet as a top destination for 2010 and BootsnAll naming New Zealand a top destination for independent traveler's, Wanderlust Magazine has announced that British travelers named New Zealand in the top 3 destinations to travel to, after Oman and Namibia, in their annual Wanderlust travel awards.

The Tourism New Zealand UK & Europe Manager stated that British travel to New Zealand had decreased due to the recession although you would never have guessed actually being in New Zealand. He also went on to say that "Wanderlust readers are particularly well-traveled so their high satisfaction with New Zealand holidays reflects the tourism industry's work to ensure a quality visitor experience." These words can't be denied as I'm pretty sure not only British travelers would agree that New Zealand offers high-quality service to it's tourists, which may explain the country's high popularity.

New Zealand's popularity has steadily grown with thanks to various films and TV programmes showcasing to the world the stunning scenery and surroundings New Zealand has to offer visitors. Most recently the world was charmed by the BBC series "Last Chance to See" and the antics of Sirocco, the randy homo Kakapo, which has since been named a New Zealand tourism icon also showcasing the famous New Zealand sense of humour.

Arguably it's not only the British travelers who are singing New Zealand's praises but it must be said, the British have clearly got good taste naming New Zealand in their top 3 destinations for Wanderlust's travel awards.


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