Exploring the South Island NZ

Two staff from our Wellington hostel, on their way to discover and explore the South Island of New Zealand in 1 and a half weeks. We traveled with Stray Travel and our bus driver was Miss P. (Miss P. aka Miss Perfect) And yes she was :)

First stop Marahau. This was a big thing for me, because I was talking about doing a skydive in Abel Tasman FOREVER. But I had to wait one more day before I could do that so Tea (the other staff member) and I decided to be active and we rented a kayak for the day.

Free to go wherever we wanted to go. It was amazing! It was like we were kayaking in a painting, the surroundings were stunning. The start was difficult, because our teamwork sucked. If anyone needs relationship therapy, I recommend kayaking with Abel Tasman Kayaks... After 15 minutes and a lot of talking, our teamwork went smoothly and we could enjoy the surroundings.

skydive abel tasman nz

We also saw some seals. For some people it is normal to see wild seals, but not for a Dutchy like me. After 3 hours it was time to go back and mentally prepare myself for my skydive. We arrived back at 4.00pm and I needed to be ready at 4.30.

So here we go... 4.30pm, the shuttle was ready to pick me up. Gladly Tea was there for my support. Yes of course I was nervous and yes of course I was scared, what if?? but I needed to do this. They put me in the best suit ever and it was sooooo comfortable (NOT). Here we go, the airplane was ready for my 16500ft skydive and so was my tandem skydive master from Abel Tasman Skydive.The freefall was about 90 seconds and the view was awesome! What a rush! I will recommend this to everyone, even if you are scared of heights just close your eyes during the freefall and go for it! This was definitely one of the highlights of my South Island trip!

glacier walk

When we arrived at Franz Josef, due to the fact I spent a lot of money on my skydive, we decided to do a free walk to the glacier. It took us in total 4 hours. The fact that first you walked in the forest and a few minutes later you could see the glacier, was just mind blowing. Of course we could not enter the glacier, but seeing the glacier was enough for us.

A few days later we arrived in Queenstown. Of course we stayed at Nomads Queenstown. GREAT hostel! The next morning we went to Milford Sound. And yes I will say it again: AMAZING!! The bus trip was long, but the stops made it all good!. We saw the mirror lakes and the views just made you feel like a really little person. Of course we end our night in Queenstown drunk and eating a Fergburger...

dolphins nz

We ended our trip in Kaikoura. Our Canadian friend was telling us about the fishing in Kaikoura... yeah right... that was our first thought. But Miss P. was also very positive about it. So we wanted to give it a try. This was the best decision we made during our trip. We went fishing on a little fishing boat with Kaikoura Fishing Tours, we caught a lot of fish, we saw heaps of dolphins, an Albatross, and seals, we even caught a little shark! When we finished we went to the fishermans house. They cooked the greyfish for us, delicious! We ending up drinking our free wine, eating greyfish and having an awesome evening! So if you go to Kaikoura: Sign up for fishing with Kaikoura Fishing Tours!!

After those amazing days in the South Island with Stray Travel it was time to start work at Nomads Wellington, back to reality, but with more friends and heaps of new memories in my mind...


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