Two days in the Coromandel

New Zealand's summer is coming! My friends and I were thinking about doing some things to welcome the summer. So we decided to go to the Coromandel Peninsular, which is not far from Auckland, because we only had 2 days off from work. The weather was so good that weekend that it was sunny days all weekend.

The Coromandel is a region with lots of beaches and forests and there really are a lot of different things to do, like scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, hiking and fishing, etc. After 2 and half hours drive, we arrived in Hahei, which is a fabulous town with a great beach.

Sea kayaking

We booked a kayaking trip with Cathedral Cove Kayaks for 1.30pm, the trip lasted 3 and a half hours...

Being out on the sea on such a sunny day was wonderful. It was my first time to try sea kayaking and I was so excited about it. Kayaking in the crystal blue water, gently bobbing up and down with the waves, I felt so good! While we were kayaking our guide told us about the Maori story about the Hahei area.

After that we arrived at Cathedral Cove, which is one of the most famous and most beautiful spots in New Zealand. Before I went there, I saw lots of pictures about it, but when I stood on the beach, I still felt impressed. The water was so blue, the sunshine warmed the stones, we chilled out on the beach and enjoyed the coffee and cookies provided by the Cathedral Cove Kayaks guides. How nice! Kayaking here was amazing! What a welcome to Hahei and the Coromandel!

hiking in broken hill

After an overnight in Whitianga - a small, but nice town, we headed off to the Coromandel Forest for a small hike. We drove into the forest and started 'Broken hill walking'.

That place was like a movie set, we found two tunnels which looked like they were built for small trains from ancient times. We found some stones with different sharp edgess that we had no idea what those were used for. The whole hike was like a 'treasure seeking trip' which made us all feel like kids again! We also went to down and found a fabulous river with a wonderful view. There are also other tracks you can follow, like 'Golden hills walking'. 

bridge to opoutere beach

Driving 40 minutes after hiking, we arrived at Opoutere Beach. In the tourist information folder, it said the Opoutere Beach is a great place for watching birds. This beach hides behind a small forest and starts from a small wood bridge. When we went through the small forest, we felt so excited that we would arrive at a great beach.

When we got there, we could say nothing but only cheering! That was a really great beach! There were only 10 people there, some of them were surfing with great waves. We felt like we were on a private beach which belonged to us. We followed the coast for a bit and I walked to the birds nesting place and I saw some lovely birds there. 

We had a really great weekend in Coromandel and we all agreed to visit again since there are a lot of things we can do!

Scared about driving in NZ? We thought we'd made a crazy decision having a 2 day weekend trip by driving. Only two out of four of us had drivers licenses and it was the first experience of driving in NZ (on the wrong side of the road!). But later on, we noticed that it's not difficult to drive in New Zealand because the condition of the roads are really good and people are all driving safely. So don't let that stop you, get out and experience New Zealand!


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