Waiheke Island Boats

For such a long time now I wanted to go to Waiheke Island - why... simply because it's close to Auckland and I heard a lot from other folks that it's like paradise. I used my day off to go and explore Waiheke Island. The adventure already started before I got on the ferry, to catch the ferry was more difficult that I thought... but that is just because I time everything just, or let's say almost just, in time. Hehe, something remained from my logistics lessons in school. Anyway so I did make it and we almost had to jump on the boat, like in the movies...

The ferry ride was about 45 minutes to Waiheke Island you see a lot of tourists and locals, it's a mixture of both... On the way I was hoping for good weather but the clouds weren't looking too promising... luckily during the day it cleared up.

palm beach

We arrived at the promised land of Waiheke Island, but I had no idea where to go or what to do, luckily there was an information stand in the ferry building and I asked the lady what I could do for one day here. She gave me some flyers and told me very clearly that I should take a bus quite quickly since they only run hourly.

So I got on one of the buses right in front of the building, I bought a bus day pass, anyhow the bus driver was like 'are you sure you want to go in that direction there is nothing really to see and it's very boring. Since the buses don't run that often you will be stuck somewhere out there'.

waiheke island sunset

Of course I believed him and chose to use the other bus in the opposite direction in the hope that I will find some nice beaches. Off I went to Onetangi Beach which was just beautiful. Luckily I had all my maps and schedules with me so I decided to walk up a little path and walked around enjoying the nature and the smell, so different to Auckland.

After that I wanted to find a different path that brought me to Palm Beach, it took me up a road next to houses through nature and through a jungle, that was quite fun. I had no idea where I was going and even if I was going to find it, which was exciting.

auckland from waiheke

But I made it down to Palm beach, a very nice calm side of Waiheke Island. I got some lunch at the corner store and brought it with me to the beach. After enjoying my meal and the beach I walked further down and up another path to find a bus stop to the "city".

Unfortunately I never found the bus stop, but I did find some naked people that I certainly didn't want to see haha. Watch out for that one.

Up the path you had a beautiful view out to the bay with some cool yachts and expensive houses. To make it a nice end to the day I decided to go to a winery but it was either going back the way I just came from, which I really didn't want to do, or trying to catch the bus, which didn't happen either.

I was really lucky and a friendly Auckland family picked me up with their van and drove me to the center of the Waiheke Island to Onera and from there it was about 20 minutes walk to a great winery...

That was my day off on Waiheke Island and it really was a great place to visit and enjoy a glass of wine. The view of Auckland from Waiheke was spectacular too!

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