Top 5 Places to get Pizza in Auckland

Seriously, who doesn't like Pizza? In Auckland there are Pizza places aplenty to satisfy your cravings but where are the top 5 places in Auckland to get pizza? Pizza is obviously very important to people and is ranked very highly as one of the foods that backpackers miss when travelling. No matter where you are in the world, everyone is familiar and warms to the thought of PIZZA.

Why the top 5? Well, our staff have hand picked each place and have enjoyed this pizza from experience! You might just happen to feel quite lucky whilst you are indulging in a few slices! So, here are the top 5 places in Auckland to grab yourself some pizza (in no particular order):

1. Kiwi Music

This tiny, tiny restaurant does large pizza's for not very much money and great draft beer to accompany your pizza. It's easily missable as it's located upstairs on Queen Street, but keep an eye out because they do a great range of Pizza's.

pizza auckland

2. Hell's Pizza

Located just about everywhere in New Zealand and at every New Zealand event.  Ever thought about putting Camembert on your pizza, well, it tastes awesome! With 7 deadly sins to choose from and an amazingly large menu you can understand why Hell's Pizza is so popular. The Chicken is good too.

3. Sal's Pizza

The delivery guy for Sal's pizza used to be easily recognisable because he used to ride a segway to deliver pizza, however after a little to-do with the council they aren't allowed to use that form of transport anymore! Boo! Hailed as the perfect pizza to cure a hangover, Sal's pizza is very conveniently located on Custom's Street, right between Nomads Auckland and Nomads Fat Camel.

4. Romani Cafe

Maria Marriiiaaaa! Yes the beautiful Maria owns and operates Romani Cafe every week day from morning to night. Her amazing pizzas are well known for their size and taste. If you can imagine what love and Italy tasted like, they would be in her pizzas! If you are a big favourite of thin and crispy crust and a variety of generous toppings then Romani Cafe on Fort Street is the place to be. Even if it's just a plain cheese pizza you're after, these guys bring the flavour 100%!

5. La Porchetta

I'm going to pretend that their seriously annoying advert doesn't exist and put this in the list because the pizza's are very well made and as a treat for backpackers they aren't too expensive. La Porchetta is easy to find too, on Hobson Street near the Skytower and if you really don't like it there's a Pizza Hut takeaway or a Domino's just a little further down the road.

Those are our personal Top 5 places to get pizza in Auckland but there are plenty more places to find this food favourite including Fort Street Union (on Fort St and part of Nomads Auckland - some seriously good pizzas here!) or for somewhere that's a little further away you can't go wrong with The Zoo Keepers Son which is a great bar and restaurant about a 20 minute bus ride from Auckland CBD. This place has a great range of pizzas for its guests to enjoy in a nice chilled out atmosphere in a great location. If you are feeling a bit more peckish they do lunch and dinner deals including a drink and chips, as well as loyalty cards offering you a better discount as you go. The Zoo's pizzas are guaranteed to hit the spot, you may even feel like taking a 10 minute walk up to the well known One Tree Hill to walk it off!

Now you don't have to panic about those cheesy pizza cravings, just choose one of the top 5 places to get pizza in Auckland. Come tell us all about it once you have satisfied your tummy, better yet, bring us some too!

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