Sheep World near Warkworth

One of the newest stops of the Kiwi Experience bus on the way to the Bay of Islands is Sheep World. At Sheep World they have embraced the concept of product diversification and instead of being just another farm they offer travelers the opportunity to experience the farm life. One of the things you get to see when you visit is the art of sheep shearing. As we all sat down on the wooden benches the owner brought a sheep from the back onto the stage and started to explain to us how to shear a sheep.

sheep world near auckland

Apparently one of the secrets to sheep shearing is 'sheep Kung Fu', who would've thought that? By using specific pressure points on the sheep, you can paralyse it (temporarily of course!), shear it and it will not be able to make a single move. You can also make it do some awesome Kung Fu moves. As the owner started shearing the sheep he told us more about the life as a sheep farmer and sheep shearer.

The current world record on lamb shearing is 722 lambs in 9 hours. Which means this guy sheared one sheep in about 45 seconds, this includes dragging them from the back, shearing them and putting them back in the stable. After the owner finished shearing the sheep, everyone who was interested was given the opportunity to give it a try and shear part of the sheep. What makes it even better is that you can even take the wool you sheared off home with you!

chickens sheepworld

Besides the sheep shearing show, they have a lot more to offer at Sheep World. They'll be able to show you how they train their sheep dogs and give a demonstration on the whole shepherding thing. If you've never seen it before, it's actually quite impressive how well trained these dogs are. Furthermore, if you visit the farm in the right season you'll be able to see lots of adorable lambs and you'll even get the chance to cuddle, play and feed them a bottle of milk!

After the sheepshearing and watching the dogs chase the sheep, it was time for a walk around the farm and to have a look at the rest of the animals.

There were a bunch of piglets when we visited, which were absolutely adorable. Besides that there were some really funky chickens! Never seen creatures like that before! They've also got some alpaca's, emu's and an eel pond. If you're up for it, they'll feed them and you'll get to see some of these creepy creatures.

Overall, Sheep World is a pretty cool new stop on the Kiwi Experience bus and definitely worth a visit!

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