Mount Eden - Volcano in Auckland

A volcano in a city, you what? Yep, that's right, welcome to Auckland, home to 55 of New Zealands many volcanoes. One of these in particular, being the beautiful Mount Eden aka Maungawhai, which means "Mountain of the Whau Tree" in the Maori language. Located just a short 10 minutes away from the city centre by bus (you can hop on at the Britomart Transport Centre on Queen Street), this landmark volcanic crater will definitely not leave you disappointed.

view of auckland from mount eden

It is around a 10 - 15 minute hike to the top (top tip: Don't wear Jandals, you will certainly regret that decision), where you can view the 50 meter deep crater and being the highest natural point in Auckland you will get to take in the beautiful 360 panoramic views of Auckland city itself, everything from the Skytower down to the Viaduct back to the many many surrounding suburbs, and if you squint just hard enough, you may even be able to see Nomads Auckland Backpackers Hostel in the distance... well, I said maybe.

Luckily for you guys this volcano is definitely dormant and the last eruption happened over 15,000 years ago, so if you are worried about any bizarre lava flowing activity and are worried you may end up becoming the hero or heroine in your very own disaster movie, don't be, you will be very safe (unless you wear jandals that is, don't say you haven't been warned).

Not only can you go there during the day, you can also enjoy the lights of Auckland City at night. The scenery is breathtaking. This is the upside of having a volcano in the city, meaning you got awesome 360 view from the top day and night. A very romantic spot for love birds traveling to Auckland ;) It was not so clear when I went there at night. But you can still see where the SkyTower is. And you can also Rangitoto Island in the distance. It still was a very nice trip to the top of Auckland (By the way another great place to go in Auckland at night is the Stardome Observatory!)

But back to Mount Eden... why not grab yourself a picnic, sit, relax and enjoy the serenity that this volcano has to offer, because once you are at the top, enjoying the beautiful views and enjoying the peace, it is a very hard place to want to leave. My advice would be to head there for sunset, it is, in my own opinion, one of the most beautiful things to see whilst staying in Auckland.

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