Auckland Museum

Not only is the walk to the Museum picturesque but the museum itself is awesome! Today it was just myself (John) and Nicol going on the walk to see how long it would take to walk there (in preparation for our Auckland walking tours at our hostels) and also how much time we should set aside for the Museum.

auckland museum

We walked through Albert Park and then through the University of Auckland enjoying brief bouts of glorious sunshine and a few drops of rain! When we walked through the Museum doors, a little tired and breaking a sweat (for some reason we walked really fast!), we both wandered around the ground floor where it had fascinating traditional Maori and Pacific sailing boats, weapons, Tapa cloths, and tools they used.

Walking through the Maori history I saw an elephant with a tree house behind it so the little child inside of me came through and I quickly ran and touched the elephant while screaming out to Nicol to take a photo of me with this huge creature! I loved it! Then I quickly ran into the tree house like a little boy acting like it was my own.

We walked back into the Maori cultural history exhibition and saw the traditional Maori meeting houses which was especially interesting for Nicol. I was her very own tour guide telling her little stories about the history of the Maori Pa’s, the meeting house and some more little things 

maori meeting house

We moved on past the history section straight to the dinosaurs! We saw a Cryolophosaurus skeleton (which used to be a huge dinosaur) and also the Moa, which is sadly now an extinct bird which was only found in New Zealand.

If you haven’t seen a real life Kiwi (I mean the chances to see one in the wild are really small) then Auckland Museum is your opportunity: they have stuffed Kiwis in all sizes, so you can at least see what you’re looking for on your next trip through nature.


In the Land section you can also find the  Natural History Information Center which comes pretty handy for those who want to know the details of all these interesting creatures. We walked on to the next part which was the New Zealand birds, and history about them, including the massive trees in New Zealand beginning with the famous Pohutakawa tree to the insects that live in and around them.

There was loads of more things to see after that: Sea creatures, coastal wildlife and also skeletons of whales and birds. We really had fun at the next point which was volcanoes. Knowing that Auckland is full of  volcanoes I knew that there would be many interesting things to learn about them. There was a house which moved like there was an earthquake which was a cool experience.


We ran up to the last floor and it was full of WWI and WWII facts about both the New Zealand troops and where they went to battle and also the Nazi and Japanese war machines: guns, bombs and type of aircrafts they used back in those times. Really interesting for me as I was not great at history back in high school, there was also one thing I never knew about which was the history about the Holocaust which Nicol was cool to explain to me.

That was the end of the Auckland Museum tour for us but I had a wicked time with Nicol looking back through history and learning facts about my own country that I never knew before, which is pretty bad but hey I know it now but don’t ask me about it.

It’s only a gold coin donation to enter, (normally $10 to enter but thanks to the awesome guys at the Auckland Museum they hooked us up).


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