Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump

Who would have thought that you could get to jump off the Auckland harbour bridge with A J Hackett Bungy as part of your work experience... Man what a day, what a jump! I still remember how scared and the thoughts that were going through my head like it was yesterday.

There I was trying to fit in with the guys on the bus, getting all excited about the harbour walk but little did I know, Nathan (on the free Stray Travel day tour of Auckland) was organizing a surprise for me. This is what he said word for word “Hey bro you're my guinea pig for today, you're jumping off” and that's when my heart just started beating real fast, it felt like a drummer drumming non-stop on a snare drum haha.

"I felt like I was on a movie set ..."

So there I was getting ready, putting on my harness and the funny thing was, I found myself having to read our A J Hackett instructors lips because I couldn't hear anything he was saying, I felt like I was on a movie set and there was no sound lol.


Time went by slowly, and I mean slowly, we had enough time to take photos before we were all called in for further instructions. Boy was I scared, there I was walking, trying not to think about the jump and trying not to look scared haha. We finally reached the point of no return “the waiting room”, that's when in my head I was thinking “I must be crazy jumping off the Auckland harbour bridge”. Man the feelings you get just from watching others jump off, it's like you're scared for them even though you don't know them.

After the 2nd guy jumped, I heard my name get called out and that's when my legs just felt like they weren't working, I was shaking on the inside and was trying my best not to show it because there were a lot of girls there. I was up next. An 85kg pacific islander scared like crazy even though the guy from A J Hackett Bungy was just putting the ropes on my ankles, the instructor then says “you're up mate” and MAN I WAS SCARED!!! Little bunny hops towards the end of the plank and a couple of scared photos later the big count down “5 4 3 2 1... Later” arghhh screaming like a girl!!!!

auckland bridge bungy jump

The fastest and the best 6 seconds of my life... Splash! I didn't even know I hit the water until I came up... It was by far the best feeling ever. If given the chance to do it again, I would totally do it, no questions asked! So if you're interested in doing a bungy jump, I tell you now DO IT! And I highly recommend going with the awesome guys at A J Hackett Bungy and dipping your head in the water under Auckland Harbour Bridge.

BIG THANKS to Nathan from Stray Travel for giving me the opportunity to bungy jump and to the crew from AJ HACKETT Bungy for an unforgettable day!


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