Auckland Domain, a park in the CBD

Parks are the destination of choice when you’re up for a relaxing day and to breath nice fresh air and the smell of trees and flowers. As I go for the big, I chose the biggest and oldest park in Auckland City and took the green inner link bus from Britomart, which is only 5 minutes walk from Nomads Auckland, to Auckland Domain. About 15 minutes of staring at the roads the bus driver told me that we'd arrived at the Auckland Museum stop, which is located in Auckland Domain, and he told me that it is just a minute walk from the bus stop.

Auckland domain

As I arrived at the museum, the first thing I saw there was a bench in front of the museum looking over to the harbour where you can see Rangitoto Island in the distance. It looks so beautiful. I sat down there for a while trying to contain myself with the beautiful view of Auckland. You can't really see the city view of Auckland, but you can definitely see the islands around it.

Feeling content, I continue my walk around the park. There are some different walking tracks you can choose, such as the Parnell walk, the Forest walk or the Lovers walk, etc. The Lovers walk impressed me a lot, it's a trail with trees on the side and I thought how nice it would be when it is spring and the flowers are just blossoming with all the lovely green trees around! No wonder they call it "Lovers walk".

Walking Path In The Auckland Domain

There are lots of things you can see in Auckland Domain. There is the winter garden, opened in 1913, which has two large glasshouses and you can see either temperate and tropical plants here. This is another really romantic place where you are surrounded by a great deal of flowers and trees. Also, there is a duck pond which has a fountain in it, and that makes for happy ducks! Auckland Domain will surprise you at how big it is, I was so surprised when I even found waterfalls there!

Besides the beautiful surroundings, just having a walk in the park or chilling out from hectic city life is great (if you can call Auckland hectic that is), especially when it's a sunny day. I saw people sitting on the grass and reading books, and a few families having picnics and there was even a young girl celebrating her birthday in the middle of the park, decorating the space around them with colourful balloons.

I had a wonderful picnic lunch in Auckland Domain, sitting on the green grass surrounded by the pink flowers, having a sandwich and reading a book. I could only hear the birds and feel the gentle wind blow my face. What a lovely afternoon I had.

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