wake up early go bungy

People have different priorities when travelling, some want to see everything and ensure they have an itinerary of tours and activities booked for every day that they are travelling, some just want to do nothing but chill out by the pool baking in the summer sun and others want to party, party, party then sleep, sleep, sleep.

Whichever type of traveler you are, it's good to mix it up a little bit to make sure you get the most of your trip. Although it can be tempting to stay in bed all day after a big night or just get up mid-morning and head straight for the pool it is important to make the most of each and every day which sadly (for those who love a lie in) means getting up early.

I love a lie in as much as the next person but have you ever woken up late in the day and felt like you have wasted the day? I know that I have.

wake up cape tribulation

What are your priorities while travelling? Is it sleeping a long time or waking up early to see as much as you can? I can imagine when there's no obligation to wake up like school or work, you love to sleep in a long time, not every day, because you want to do some trips or excursions, but sleeping a long time is almost the best thing in the world! But a disadvantage is that you're actually wasting time, because in the time you sleep you could be doing a lot of different things.

Don't forget that you may never be able to return to the country that you're travelling around... so sleeping during the day means you're missing out on some once in a lifetime experiences... You can sleep when you're back at home (although to be honest you only have one life so I think you should make the most of every single day no matter where in the world you are!)

What you need is a good reason to wake up early (and a good alarm!) and for some this means planning and booking trips the day or weeks before.

If you are interested in seeing the sights most of the time you need to wake up early because many trips and activities take the whole day. Like, for example, going to the Great Barrier Reef, you have to be ready and checked in at the boat by 7:30am and you will spend approx 6 hours on the outer reef sun baking, swimming with Nemo and be back at your hostel at around 6pm. But think of it like this - a whole day with new once in a lifetime experiences. Some good reasons to get up early while you're in Cairns include going skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting and trips to Cape Tribulation.

Wouldn't you rather be experiencing amazing scenery than sleeping through the whole day?


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