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Emergency callouts are common at hostels, from fire alarms being set off in the middle of the night to backpackers locking themselves out after too much to drink and they've forgotten how doors work, but the emergency phone call this hostel worker got one particular night had him racing out of the house and into his car in his PJ's!

Yes... he'd just got the phone call that no hostel manager wants to receive!

When you're sound asleep at 3am and you get woken up by a phone call, bad thoughts almost always go through your head. When it's one of the neighbours of the hostel you work at who calls you to tell you that it sounds like a girl is being assaulted in the hostel grounds the bad thoughts are multiplied. Well, what would you think? Probably if it was someone who always complained you wouldn't be as worried and might have thought he was exaggerating, but this guy never complained, he was one of the nice neighbours, so this situation was serious!

After the initial shock of the phone call the hostel manager ran out of his house, still in his pyjama's, and jumped in his car to drive the 3km's to the hostel. Racing out of the car and finding the quickest point of entry he found himself in the dark in the games room.

Suddenly there's an almighty scream, images of someone being bludgeoned to death would probably pop into everyones head and the manager was no different, he almost froze, he was terrified and even though he didn't really want to see what was going on he knew he had to switch the lights on.

Turning around the minute the lights were on, not quite knowing what he'd be looking at, he was confronted by the sight of a Brazilian girl he'd checked in to the hostel that morning, naked, lit-up under the pool table lights with an English guy on top of her having what must have been great sex, because they were still going even though all the lights had suddenly been switched on.

"Are you alright?" Nope, they didn't stop, they just carried on going and she carried on screaming, well screeching really, at every thrust!

The hostel manager pondered his options 'should I stop them? should I walk away and give them some privacy? should I take notes because this guy really seems to know what he's doing?' and then realised that he was actually just staring at them... they were still going and he wasn't quite sure what to do so he shut the doors and windows so that other guests at the hostel and the neighbours wouldn't be disturbed by the noise, then he sat down, facing away from them, because he felt a bit pervy, and just patiently waited until they stopped.
When they eventually finished, the Brazilian girl, who incidentally had seemed very shy when she'd checked in earlier that day (how wrong you can be), asked him what was wrong...

He explained to them that one of the neighbours had rung him to advise that a girl was being assaulted and her response was: 'That poor man, he must not know what it's like to have great, great sex!'

Over the next few nights they were found on the dining tables, in the men's showers, and on the benches in the car park!

The neighbour was called and apologised to and the whole situation was explained to him, his response was the best of all. He laughed for a full minute and then asked for her phone number for an introduction.

Ah the joys of being on call for a backpackers hostel!


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