Queenstown Nevis Bungy

Some people suggest that you haven't lived until you have experienced the pant-wetting fear of a bungy jump. It is amazing that in a mere matter of seconds people can go from a quivering wreck to the most confident and euphoric of beings. It is also impressive that in certain places you cannot possibly have seen a country properly until you've seen it upside down and hanging from a bridge. As an original and increasingly popular must-do activity for backpackers it is no wonder that bungy jumping sites are becoming more and more spectacular and higher.

For the adrenaline crazed backpackers out there here is your checklist. It isn't quite good enough to do one anymore, you have to complete the set of the top 10 bungy jumps in the world.

Top Ten Bungy jumps in The World
cairns aj hackett bungy
10 Cairns

This purpose built bungy site offers such seriously different views to the rest of the jumps on this list, not all bad really when you can see the Great Barrier Reef from your jump site. One of the only places you can do a night bungy jump, the AJ Hackett Cairns Full Moon Parties each month draw in the crowds regardless of whether or not you choose to jump.

9 Idaho

Possibly the only reason to go to Idaho unless you are a huge fan of the potato but the Perrine Bridge Bungy Jump is a favourite and the only bridge in the US of A that you can bungy off. 500 feet down is the Snake River, making the jump pretty worthy of pumped adrenaline.

8 The Bhote Kosi, Nepal

Not what you would expect from Nepal after all the trekking and climbs to Everest base camp but what a cool place to jump. A 160m jump into the Bhote Kosi Gorge on the Tibetan and Nepalese Border, you won't see too many people with the same bungy jump t-shirt. It is also argued that this is the longest freefall bungy in the world.

7 South Africa

The Bloukrans Bridge was once the proud owner of the title of tallest bungy jump in the world and it is actually still the tallest bungy jump over a river as well as being the highest bridge bungy. 216m up you have got to be seriously keen to do this one. Interestingly the Bloukrans Bungy holds the Guinness World Record for the most bungy jumps in a 24 period by one person at an amazing 101 jumps.

cairns bungy falling people
6 Great Canadian 'Goliath'

Name kind of says it all doesn't it? In Ottawa you can experience the unique Great Canadian Bungy jump. Surrounded by a limestone amphitheater you plummet towards an azure blue lagoon and can choose from a head dip or full body dip before swinging back up to the top. The only place in the North American continent to get dipped in water. If you don't fancy it they have a great beach you can relax on to watch everyone else.

5 African Extreme

The Victoria Falls Bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe and standing tall over the Zambezi River there is nothing more cool than jumping and falling as fast as the water behind you. Arguably the most impressive landscape for any bungy jump the world over.

4 Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

The names Bond... you do have to wonder how many times the guys that man this station have heard that. Good Old Pierce Brosnan (bungy jumping clearly more of a talent than his singing) transformed this hydroelectric dam into one of the world's most popular 220m bungy jumps. Does the massive concrete wall combined with a gust of wind not concern anyone else?

3 Volcano Bungee, Pucon, Chile

As dangerous as they come, as if jumping off a bridge or building only attached by rope is not bad enough, here you can do so into an active volcano. Why not? How unlucky if this one goes wrong! Major saving is needed for this one as the only means to get to the bungy site is to helicopter up into the ACTIVE volcano. Did we mention that this volcano is active?

queenstown nevis bungy
2 The Nevis, Queenstown, New Zealand

The tallest in New Zealand and can be found at the home of the world's original commercial bungy jump site, Queenstown. The Nevis Bungy is a 134m bungy jump over the Nevis river is unique as there is no bridge, or building for you to jump off, just a small pod suspended 134m up. If you managed to get out to the pod with no fear then this jump will be a scream.

1 Macau Tower, China

The top dollar. Only AJ Hackett can outdo AJ Hackett and China certainly isn't a country to do things by halves. Combine the two and the end result is the Macau Tower Bungy Jump standing above the rest at 233m and currently the proud owner of the title for the World's Highest Bungy Jump.

So how much nerve have you got? Have you jumped all of the top 10 bungy jumps in the World? If so, we would love to hear from you. You are, in short, a legend.


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