Fishing - Backpacker Activities that aren't Adrenaline Sports

Backpackers are synonymous with adrenaline sports and I think it is fair to say that every backpacker has experienced at least one adrenaline pumping experience. However, with the evolution in the demographic of backpackers, new activities are emerging to appeal to all backpackers.

Destinations and businesses are acknowledging that a variety of personalities are now travelling and have jumped aboard to offer services to people who aren't interested in giving themselves a heart attack.

Activities that were once seen as hobbies for those with money or holiday activities for those with money to spend, are now available for backpackers and now more than ever are being marketed and provided for backpackers.

Here are The Top 5 latest backpacker activities that are not adrenaline sports:

1. Fishing

For years fishing, in my head, is an old, retired man's hobby. My only experience fishing ended when I let go of the rod and it wound up in the lake much to my friend's dad's annoyance. Nowadays, fishing has become fashionable and with a little help from Robson Green and his fishing TV show, we now think that men fishing is sexy. Take us back to the caveman era where man caught fish for woman to cook. For backpackers, the opportunity to go and fish is much more readily available.

2. Golf

Not just for the rich and unfaithful famous, hitting the driving range to thrash your anger out on a bucket of balls is a lot of fun. Many golf courses are very posh and expensive but the driving range isn't always expensive and is great laugh if a few of you go. You can hire all the gear there and get outdoors and active at the same time. This is also a great opportunity to meet slightly more wealthy men/women for dates and fun times.

sydney golf moore park
3. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting has really boosted in popularity, why should we backpackers give up our love for fine wine just because we have a budget and a backpack. Let's be honest, a budget never stopped us from fine wine back home (that could just be me) so why should it when we are away. Lot's of companies are now offering affordable and excellent value wine tasting tours and if you look carefully you may get a little bit of cheese tasting thrown in with it.

auckland waiheke wine tasting
4. Cooking Lessons

This might seem like a world away from the backpacker trail but it isn't. Backpackers to South East Asia or Central America, where food and culture is really different form a person's norm can learn to create the cheap and tasty dishes you live off whilst you are there. It is also important to remember that cooking can be full of heart pumping adrenaline. Think about the mixture you place in the oven, you never know what will be brought out at the end of 30 mins - there's heart-pumping action right there, will you succeed or fail.

thai cooking lessons
5. Segways

The ultimate in cool. For those who aren't sure what they are, it is the electric machine that transports you places, the one Justin Timberlake was pictured on and the one George Bush managed to fall off. For sightseeing with a difference and some easy exercise (it works your legs without you even realising) get on a Segway. After an afternoon on an environmentally friendly Segway you'll feel great for being outdoors, having tried something new and begging to keep one and take it home.

auckland devonport magic broomstick

It really no longer matters who you are as a person, if you are backpacking you can experience all the activities that make you happy and feel good about yourself, which is why you left to go backpacking in the first place. Although it is definitely worth trying our adrenaline sports like jumping out a plane or off a bridge just to challenge yourself, there are always other options available to push yourself out of your comfort zone (I'm still not that keen on arming myself with a fishing rod again).

For all you adrenaline sports addicts, why not put yourself out of your comfort zone and play a bit of golf, or learn to make dumplings. All backpacker activities are there primarily for your enjoyment whether they be adrenaline sports or not.


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