Arts Factory Lodge courtyard

Backpacking is a strange time in most peoples lives, not only do we do things whilst backpacking we'll never admit to (but everyone does some of the things in that article to some degree!) we also do things at our temporary homes that we would never do at home. Probably everyone has seen things happening around the hostel they're staying at that they thought is kind of weird, here are some of the crazy things we see around here...

toasted cheese

Making toasted sandwiches in a toaster - The first and probably most common thing. I think the problem here is that sandwich toasters do tend to look filthy after just one use and in a hostel it's easy to 'forget' to clean it while you're happily eating your tasty cheese filled delight. So what's the next best thing to use if the toasted sandwich maker is a bit dirty? The toaster of course! You wouldn't do it at home because then the toaster becomes even more difficult to clean than the sandwich maker and you have to clean it because when you live with just a few people it's not hard to work out who has made the mess! Ok so some backpackers do try to keep the mess to a minimum, I saw a guy flipping the toaster onto its side so the cheese would not drip in... You wouldn't think about doing this at home! Your mum would think you're crazy, and probably ban you from the kitchen.

im in a boat

Trying to wash your clothes in a dryer. This one happens quite a lot and ok the dryers and washing machines may look a bit diferrent to the ones you have at home but the big clue to help you tell one from the other? One has a little drawer to put your washing powder in ;-). So if your clothes come out still dirty but dry and nice and hot after the 'wash' cycle has finished, instead of complaining to reception that the washing machine doesn't work it might just be that you used the tumble dryer by mistake.

Stealing! Now this one has me baffled. The strangest things go missing from hostels. From cutlery and pots and pans to duvets and pillows, apparently anything in a hostel is seen as fair game to some backpackers and they take it with them when they leave (unfortunately this does mean that hostels have to start charging deposits and it's almost impossible to keep a hostel kitchen fully stocked with pots and pans when so many people think stealing is ok!). At the Arts Factory Lodge you have the possibility to iron your clothes if you've brought some fancy stuff with you. Although some people think irons might come in handy while traveling, I don't see how an iron fits into your backpack. In the last two months already two irons have gone missing.

The crazy things

Having sex in a shared room. Anyone who has been travelling for only two weeks has probably come across this one. There is obviously something about travelling where you lose all your inhibitions. I heard people having very loud sex in the 10 share Space Room at The Arts Factory Lodge.

I was in the showers next door and could hear the bed banging against the wall. Just when I and two other girls thought they stopped, they started again... One of the girls was supposed to sleep in the same room, but she didn't dare to enter as she knew they wouldn't stop! So much for a good nights sleep!

ducks at arts factory

There are a few other things which aren't so common in hostels. Like a snake nestling next to a tree or a duck family waddling through reception! We have our own little duck family around here and occasionally they decide to do a walk through the hostel with the whole family. But don't try to get close and cuddle them cause mum and dad are very protective of their (not so little anymore) kids!

I think the moral of this story is to remember that although you're in a foreign country the same rules and principles apply as they do to your home life.

Do enjoy your travels, keep your eyes open for the unexpected and make sure you do go out and do some crazy things you would never do at home but those crazy things should be things like skydiving or bungy jumping not stealing or 'washing' your clothes in a tumble dryer!


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