Strangest Travel Insurance Claims

When you head off on your 2 week holiday or your year long overseas adventure, travel insurance is one of those things that you really should consider buying. Look into it properly though, you don't want to break a leg doing something that isn't covered by an ill-advised travel insurance package and find yourself with a massive medical bill and other costs.

You never know though, you could be lucky and get your travel insurance claim accepted no matter how bizzarre the claim appears to be.

After hearing backpackers talking about funny insurance claims they'd heard of I decided to do a bit of digging of the strangest travel insurance claims, some of which were actually accepted and paid out to these clumsy or unlucky travelers.

Travel Insurance Claim 1 - PAID

Imagine the situation, you're looking forward to your ski-ing holiday at an Alpine Resort and you go out and buy yourself a new pair of skis! When you arrive at your ski resort however, you discover that the weather isn't on your side and the slopes don't have any snow on them. Bummer eh? I'd probably just have sulked a bit and made the most of the apres ski, but one British skier put in an insurance claim for the cost of her skis and unbelievably her insurance company refunded her the full amount.

Travel Insurance Claim 2 - PAID

Another Brit, this time a young man, had his medical expenses fully refunded after putting in his travel insurance claim. The poor young man had broken his nose, but how did he this? Well it seems he walked into a bus shelter. Thing is he even mentioned on his claim that he wasn't paying attention to the path in front of him because he got distracted by a group of young women walking by, all wearing nothing but skimpy bikinis.

Travel Insurance Claim 3 - UNPAID

I feel sort of sorry for this poor man as his travel insurance company wouldn't pay out for his claim whilst on holiday in West Africa. He had unfortunately suffered a heart attack, but it was probably what he was claiming for that lead his insurance company not to pay. This guy was claiming for the cost of a visit to a brothel because he had the heart attack mid-sex and therefore hadn't got his moneys worth.

Travel Insurance Claim 4 - UNKNOWN

So it wasn't clear on my google search whether this guy got his money back from his travel insurance company but I sincerely hope he did. He was a slightly older gentlemen enjoying a trip on a cruise ship. One night he was singing to the ocean, as you do, and he lost his false teeth as the wind whipped them away.

Travel Insurance Claim 5 - UNPAID

Would you claim 1000 pound sterling for losing a couple of coconuts you'd bought before heading home when 1. Bringing foodstuffs into the UK is illegal and 2. You can buy coconuts in the UK for about 1 pound sterling each. So maybe it wasn't the cost of the coconuts they were claiming that lead to the insurers rejecting the claim, it was more than likely that they were claiming the cash for mental anguish!

There are so many funny travel insurance claims out there, including quite a few about the apes of Gibralter stealing various items from unsuspecting tourists, and hundreds of lost baggage claims. Leave a comment below about any strange travel insurance claims you've heard of.

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