Planning a Road Trip

Road trips are something that everyone should do once in their lives. Travelling around with a group of mates discovering new and exciting places is endless amounts of fun. Where you go on your road trip depends on several things, Money, Time and interests are just some of the deciding factors. No matter where you travel to there are a few must have's to ensure you have the best time possible.

Music - Every road trip needs a good soundtrack. Not only will this music allow those miles of driving to tick away you can have great fun singing at the top of your lungs to all your favourite tunes. What I also love is when you here songs from your play list at home, it will always remind you of the awesome time in Australia!


Good company - Making sure you get on with the people you travel with is of utmost importance. You live in such close proximity 24 hours a day so you don't want any arguments breaking out. Travelling with peoples from back home and new people you have met is a great way to travel. You can share all your experiences and travelling with people who make you happy will enjoy the trip is all smiles.

Food - Of course, you can't do a whole day without food. You can take some candy for in the car, always good! You can also take your own lunch/dinner with you but even better, try to stop along the road you are driving. Find a little restaurant with some special dinners. Try the local food, crocodile or kangaroo for example. This makes your road trip even more fun!

Map - As fun as it is to explorer, it's also good to have a map with you and good to have some sort of plan before you start driving. This doesn't mean that you are restricted to sticking to your planned route, part of the fun is going off track. It just means you can see everything and do everything you set out for and make sure you don't waste hours driving around is circles lost.

Open mind - Don't be afraid of plans changing, something things going wrong can make the funniest stories. Try and stay upbeat all the time and don't be scared of seeing where the open road takes you.

So, no matter where you are going make sure you enjoy every single minute, even the boring one's as when you look back you will remember it as a once in a life time opportunity and something that you will never forget. Be safe everyone and enjoy your trip!


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