Movies not to be watched in a hostel

Everyone generally has a clear understanding of the 'unwritten rules' in a hostel. There are do's and dont's that each guest can follow in order to make other peoples hostel experience as easy as possible. Some things are just left unspoken. Now it's time to dish out a few movies that really shouldn't be screened in front of yourself and a few people you have never met before... if you want to be social and meet other people then putting on an awkward/typically bad choice of movie will leave people a bit wary of you. What other choice do you have when your low on cash and the weather has turned from good to bad outdoors? Movies it is.

At our hostel we have a selection of movies backpackers can borrow but we sometimes find random movies in with our collection (probably because they were abandoned by their real owner!) and these movies rarely get borrowed...

Hey guys do you want to watch 'Psycho' or 'The Hills Have Eyes?' Umm... no. I'm seriously not too keen on watching a suspense thriller from the 1960's where a perfectly normal girl like myself gets hacked up in the shower. Or a movie where genetically modified creatures go on a freakish killing spree. Especially since I'm just about to go and have a shower and walk through a large corridor before bed. And it just so happens to be raining cats and dogs outside.

Movies in a hostel

Some thrillers are good.. but some need to be avoided in common rooms of hostels where a bunch of newbies are just meeting fellow backpackers with no clue what to expect. This movie and others like "The Hostel" and "Wolf Creek" should really be labelled "DO NOT WATCH BY YOURSELF. OR IN A HOSTEL" because you will go beyond the point of no return. From experience, these are the worst I have encountered in terms of thrillers, especially before you start traveling.

Ok how about... "Hannah Montana Reloaded? or Space Chimps?" wow, where are you from dude? Somewhere not on this planet? Whilst you can appreciate the fact somebody is making all the recommendations here, they're just a bit far fetched to what most of us have in mind. Especially since some hostels play movies not only from the common room, but into dorm areas and private rooms as well. You don't want to scare away everyone with your not so sure choice of movies that hold no interest to anyone. I'm sure we have all grown up from our little boy/girl band days... (well a little bit anyway!) so maybe don't choose a movie that reflects your nostalgic childhood. Not saying they aren't classics, they just aren't everyones cup of tea. It's a hard one to pick sometimes but it's a great way to get to know your hostel mates and bond over some similarities. Same goes for porn, just no. Don't ever do it.

If everyone is going to pitch in some money to rent movies out, you really want to make them worthwhile. How about a movie based in the country your visiting? Or a popular movie from back home that everyone may find funny or exciting? How about Bear Grylls Greatest Adventures? Everyone loves Bear! (well in my opinion...). There is bound to be a movie theatre not far from your hostel so why not make a night of it. It's a hard one to pick sometimes but it's a great way to get to know your hostel mates and bond. I'm sure if they are good people they won't judge you too much on your choice of movies :-) unless you really insist that everyone watches a psycho thriller because you need your fix. Then you might be seen as a little bit strange.

If in doubt - ask your hostel Reception, they are generally the eyes and ears of the hostel and would have had past ratings and reviews from many guests, use them to your advantage!


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