Expect the Unexpected when Traveling around the World

When I first went traveling around the world I knew that I was going to come across lots of new and exciting things and sometimes unexpected things. But I have to say that some of the new things I've come across were a big surprise. Being in South East Asia you know that lots of things will be different - like the food, the customs, the way people dress; so coming across something unexpected was, well to be expected really...

morning glory food

Finding unexpected things on a menu is always interesting too, I often found myself going to this fantastic place to eat just a few blocks from Khao San Road in Bangkok where I just had to order the following off the menu "Morning Glory - Pork". I mean, who wouldn't want to find out what was going to be on their plate after ordering Morning Glory? Fortunately for me Morning Glory turned out to be the name of a particularly tasty vegetable and the meal became one of my favourites in my time in Thailand.

You sort of expect weirdness in some countried however I think coming across strange things in countries that you think are pretty much the same as yours is more unexpected. When I first arrived in Australia it surprised me at just how much was different from the UK...

drive through bottle shop

Drinking and driving is pretty obviously not a good idea anywhere in the world so coming across a drive-through bottle shop (that's an off-license to you Brits) is quite strange. They're not encouraging you to drink drive just because you're picking up your booze from a drive-through but it's still very odd when you first see one.

And why are some businesses called completely different things? I fancied a burger one day and saw this interesting little place I'd never heard of before called Hungry Jacks. It all seemed a bit familiar though, from the colours in the logo to the burgers on the menu. That's when I realised that Hungry Jacks was in fact Burger King; but for some reason they were in disguise. Why?

There are many things for sale that are just plain wrong too! There is a type of cheese for sale in Australia that has a particularly disturbing name (if you've been there you'll know what I'm talking about).

They also sell hair removal cream that's specifically designed for a certain part of a mans anatomy. (Actually it isn't, but it certainly sounds like it's been designed for a mans delicate area. Nads Hair Removal Cream anyone?)

So when you're travelling around the world, be prepared for new and exciting experiences, interesting wildlife and beautiful landscapes but make sure you also expect the unexpected too!


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