Car & Bus Games

Sometimes it's just daunting enough knowing you have traveled half way across the world and the last thing you want is to spend all of your precious travel time cooped up in cars and buses for long periods of time. Travelling via bus and car can be a draining process, you may feel like it's never ending especially if you are short on time. In order to see all of these amazing places you need to get from A to B one way or another.

A few things you may already have on your travel check list are - IPod and headphones, magazines/books, journal, sudoku and puzzle book. Something else you can now add to your checklist - TRAVEL GAMES. The best way to pass the time and take into account all of your beautiful surroundings. I'm going to list some of my favourite bus and car games that I have witnessed and participated in around whilst traveling around New Zealand!

Car and bus games to pass the time

1. Sweet & Sour - For those traveling by rental car and camper van this is a game you can play to get to know the locals around the country and also for a bit of a laugh. When on the motorway and you drive past another car in the lane next to yours, you should frantically wave out of the window at the driver next to you and wait for their reaction - it will either be SWEET or SOUR. You will be surprised at some of the reactions you get ;-) to step it up a bit, maybe wave and wink, wave and blow a kiss, this is a sure fire way to get a good reaction.

2. I spy - This is one everyone should know by now. If there are more than 2 people then each person will take a turn at choosing an object,  (for example in the car it may be "radio") and the person who's turn it is will say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with the letter 'R' and the other passengers will take turns at guessing what the object is starting with that letter. It is a great way to pass time and keep your brain occupied so you are less likely to start feeling tired.

3. Hey Cow! - It doesn't matter which way you are traveling, this is a neat little game that will keep everyone attentive and hopefully in fits of laughter. For the person that is nearest to the window, wait until you drive past a field of cows or a cow by itself. You must time this perfectly so everyone gets to witness a reaction too. As you are driving past the cow, wind your window down and yell out "HEY COW!" and if one or more cows turn around, you get a point for each! They may even say Hey back or give you a baffled reaction ;-)

4. Boat-Float-Goat - This is one you may hear about on the backpackers buses! The driver will likely be the one to instigate it and everyone will seem a bit confused about how the game works. So here is your heads up, take note! Everyone who wants to play needs to spot all 3 targets. A boat, a float (horse float) and a goat. This game may take anywhere between 10 minutes to a whole week to finish. The first person to spot either one will have to yell it out and count it as 1/3 until the first person gets all 3 targets and is the winner. Simple! Right? Not really... goats like to hide and you can often mistake them for anything else, same goes with the float. If you yell it out and it's not right, the closest player next to you has to give you a gentle punch in the arm :p

5. Pay it forward - This is my favourite bus game of all time! Great when traveling in a big group of people. There will be one person that stands at the front of the bus and calls out objects. Usually in a bus there are 2 long rows of people in seats and an aisle in between. The person at the front will call out an object such as "A phone!" and the first row to pass up a phone to the front wins. Watch out for this game though as some pretty unexpected and absurd objects can be called up to the front! It's your rows job to communicate with each other and see who has what and how fast you can get this to the front of the bus in time!!

Well that my friends is my top 5 favourite travel games to play enroute! I like travel games because instead of having your head stuck in a book or on your phone, you can actually keep occupied whilst checking out your surroundings and interact/meet with other people. If you succeed in any of these games you may even be awarded with a surprise from fellow travelers for your efforts! There is so much beautiful scenery in New Zealand and it's some of the things a lot of people miss out on when they fall asleep on buses and in cars. If you have any games that you play back home that you would like to spread the word about then let us know, the more the merrier!


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