5 Things we can all learn from Backpackers

I have read and agreed with pretty much all negative press that backpackers get. The disgusting habits and the shockingly embarrassing drunken antics all make for a good case of moaning from those who have to exist around them. For those at home who have friends away backpacking it is the lack of responsibility or direction in life that concerns us, but have we ever stopped to think about what we can learn from backpackers?

It may come as a bit of a surprise but backpackers aren't as useless as people make out, they have certain skills that are unique to the backpacking community which can be used within the daily walks of life and can in fact improve your overall quality of life.

So before we start moaning about backpackers again here are 5 things that we could all learn from backpackers.

  • To be a bit more sociable

Back in your home country do you ever invite someone sat alone to come and have a beer with you? No of course not, anybody sat on their own in a pub is clearly a loser and you have a reputation to upkeep. We are so insular in the comfort of our own environment that we could benefit from taking the plunge and chatting to someone new, and if someone starts to talk to us we don't look horrified and assume that we are going to get attacked.

  • A job is a job

You have no job and you need cash, are you too good to consider taking a job as a cleaner or farm hand (granted this one isn't really an option in a city, but you get the gist)? Of course you are, you are unemployed, not desperate. Actually you are desperate, you need a job. Backpackers do it on a daily basis, who cares what your job is, all that matters is that you have the cash to come out and socialise at the end of the day. In short, a job is just a job, it's a means to an end for a little while until something more suitable or much more fun comes along.

  • Say Yes

Backpackers will do anything, they say yes because they want to try something new and part of the reason they all flee their home countries is because everything always ends in 'No'. Think back to how many times you 'can't be bothered' or are 'too tired'. Maybe it's because you aren't sure, too scared, don't want to look like an idiot? Next time try saying yes, you never know what might happen and that's the beauty of it. Life will become much more exciting.

  • How to save cash

Backpackers are financial experts. They know it all about money. How to save a lot of it, how to lose a lot of it and how to live off very little of it. When we are back at home thinking about where all our money goes and how much we want to save for that holiday why not ask a backpacker how to live off nothing, nobody does it better.

  • To relax

Your job is mundane, you never seem to have any money, you're fed up, you drink too much because you are fed up, all you do is moan to your friends and that is all they do to you. Take a leaf out of the old backpacker guide, they have rubbish jobs and little money but they chill out and laugh about it. Everyone is in the same boat so why bother moaning about it? You only live once, the idea is to enjoy it. They aren't stress wrinkles, they are laughter lines.

Next time you are a little unsure about what to do or you are feeling a little bit down like the world is pointless and nobody cares take a moment to think about what a backpacker might do as there are definitely plenty of things that we can all learn from backpackers.


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