Couple Travelling

It's one of life's greatest challenges - flying solo in an unknown country. There's no denying it. That rumbling mix of fear and excitement that we begin to experience as the adventure approaches is amplified by ten when travelling solo. It's a feeling that floats on the borderline of addiction. An intense lust for life. On a general level (obviously there is an exception to every rule), these unique breed of travelers tend to share a few common personality traits - traits that make for the perfect partner in crime, the best friend and the kind of person that you should, if you come across one, keep forever. Here's why...

1. They will Challenge you to be a better person

A challenge. An obstacle. Fear. These things pose as "an opportunity" for those that have the balls to embark on a solo journey overseas. Walking through the streets of a new city, dealing with overcrowded and long bus journeys and travelling with minimal material possessions are all challenges welcomed by the brave adventurer. As a friend or partner, you will be constantly encouraged to push the limits of your comfort zone. Except impulsive flight purchases, crazy weekends away, forgotten nights, new hobbies and classes - anything new or exciting! Warning: You may be encouraged to make decisions that could jeopardise your dignity.

couple traveling

2. Their independence will come as a relief

Solo Travelers are comfortable in their own skin. They have had no other choice but to trust their own instincts when dealing with a new language or culture. Their travels are defined by their own desires and pursuits and not influenced by others. They know that true friends can go months or years without talking. They understand that being lonely is merely an inability to accept being alone - they are OK with this. As a friend or partner, these types of confident individuals will not ask for a constant update and will not need your reassurance. (cue sigh of relief).

3. Their positivity will rub off on you

Like the great Iggy Pop, solo travelers have a lust for life. An urge to explore and achieve great things. They have found themselves in some pretty sticky situations overseas and have an ability to pull themselves out of the bad and ugly - and rise. As a companion, prepare for an influx of positive energy and a friend that will pick you up when you're feeling down. Isn't that what friends are for?

girl on beach

4. They will encourage you to find your Balance

Solo travelers work hard - and play harder! They understand the importance of working to live and not living to work. They have faced the hardest of humanities, third world countries and a vast array of "ways of life." With this knowledge and realisation, solo travelers know the importance of stepping away from technology, appreciating the world in which we live and how to define "success" based on your individual passions, desires and the things that makes you, You. As your friend, these contagious beings will encourage you to look towards the bigger picture and embrace life.

5. They will love you - for you!

Tolerance is a personality trait that is undeniably empowered when travelling alone. Experiencing different cultures and customs opens the mind. It provides us with patience and it makes us decision makers. Solo travelers know what they want and who they want to spend their time with - no time for haters! They understand that life's road is not always peaches and cream - patience, an open ear and understanding are all important aspects of any relationship or friendship. Expect a lifelong friend, an unconditional companion and the perfect partner in crime.


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